Grand Hotel Tremezzo.. where one falls in love

Grand Hotel Tremezzo – Falling in love with Como

My affection for Italy is no secret to the world. While France inspires my designs, Italy inspires my existence. Perhaps the fact that both Lebanon and Italy share a Mediterranean line brings our cultures a notch closer.

aiisha ramadan grand hotel tremezzo aiisha ramadan grand hotel tremezzo

​I can’t define my love for Italy in one word. Its the food, the people, the fashion, the culture, the walls, nature, beaches.. it’s a whole life. While I try to explore as much as possible from Italy on every visit, I’ve been repeatedly visiting Lake Como as I’ve become passionate about it.


sheen purple


For the launch of my AIISHA RAMADAN A/W16 collection ‘Senses’ I chose to collaborate with SHEEN in an exclusive exhibition presenting some of my key look paired with the elegant and stylish watches from SHEEN

aiisha ramadan sheen Why SHEEN?

I take pride in being selective with the brands I collaborate with. While my clothing is made of the best European fabrics and deeply researched techniques, Japanese watches SHEEN are not only delicate and durable but are truly beautiful, most of them decorated with Swarovski crystals. It was the perfect moment for me to launch one … Read more...

Malaika Aurora Khan in AIISHA RAMADAN

Malaika Aurora Khan

When my model has her fitting and wore a powder blue fully beaded dress from my Couture collections, she dusted her hands on the gown as if she were sprinkling magic dust on it and said “Someone beautiful will wear this dress Aiisha”.

Then Malaika Aurora Khan sprinkled her own magic

And she was right. Seeing Malaika Aurora Khan walking down the red carpet at the Golden Petal Awards earlier this month in the very same powder blue couture dress I designed and tried on my model was a perfect translation of that vision I dreamed of. Styled by Maneka … Read more...

The hottest Slavic restaurant in Dubai – Vesna Dubai


Vesna Dubai takes Slavic food to a new level

I worked often with a model called Vesna, in Russian it means Spring. Then I was introduced to what I believe is the hottest Slavic restaurant in town, Vesna Dubai. If you’re passionate about trying new cuisines, drop by Vesna Dubai, a new contemporary Slavic restaurant located at the Conrad Hotel Sheikh Zayed Road.

Aiisha Ramadan at Vesna Dubai


Vesna Dubai ambiance

The Art Noveau environment introduces rich culinary experience you’re about to have. Its truly breathtaking. All I could think about while sitting there is how magnificent a photoshoot would look in this imperial … Read more...


Aiisha Ramadan AW16 at Vendome Luxury

Aiisha Ramadan launches ‘Senses’

The latest collection from my AIISHA RAMADAN brand of 34 looks for Autumn-Winter 2016 has finally been launched and it was presented at Vendome Luxury in Paris in March 2016.

AIISHA RAMADAN story behind ‘Senses’

The greatest gift a human can receive, is the combined indulgence of all their senses.
aiisha ramadan taste senses

As I walk through the streets of Paris, I taste the light raindrops falling from the sky, and gaze around, embracing the timeless designs everywhere – the old, the new, the chic, everything I use to inspire my clean, classic looks.

Aiisha Ramadan AW16 'Senses'

Aiisha Ramadan AW16 ‘Senses’