Join me in a Live Tweet Chat

3D Fashion ShowOn Thursday, 3rd November, Ariel will be hosting its first ever ‘Tweet Chat with Aiisha Ramadan’. Ariel and I brought you the Middle Easts’s first 3D fashion show to life and now, we’ll meet you all on Twitter.

I will be available on the official Arial Arabia twitter account (@ArielArabia) and (@aiisharamadan) from 6pm – 7pm to answer any questions you have about the fashion industry, fashion trends and what to look out for. You know me, you can ask me about anything you like, in this Live Chat, it has to revolve around fashion.… Read more...

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The Making of our 3D Virtual Fashion Show

Its funny how months and months of preparations are summarized into a few minute fashion show. Anticipation, press pages, people asking for invitations left and right, all for a few minutes. Usually our fashion shows vary between 20 – 60 minutes. Our 3D Virtual Fashion show with Ariel hosted by Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose on the 30th of June in Dubai was a 4-minutes fashion show. In these 4 minutes, we showcased a capsule of 15 pieces from the entire collection that will be showcased in October this year.

4 minutes were the conclusion of several months of making the … Read more...

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The first ever 3D Virtual Fashion Show

A couple of months back, Procter & Gamble approached me for the first of its kind event in the world. The unique first EVER 3D Virtual Fashion Show to showcase a capsule from my upcoming collection “Le Pouvoir de la Poudre – The Power of Powder” as part of the main event star: Ariel 3D! Note that my collection’s name had already been set a while before this opportunity knocked my door as it was inspired by powder tones and the Côte d’Azur reflecting romantic yet powerful cuts.

I immediately said Yes! The hard part was keeping it … Read more...

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