Simone Heng wears Aiisha for Pink Pepper

4 words:

She made me proud!

When you meet Simone Heng after speaking to her on the phone, you smile immediately. Her voice is bigger than her petite figure. Her beauty is pure. Her personality is embraced by her honesty and the positive vibes she brings to any place she steps into.

Simone is a Radio and TV presenter and previously a model.

When it comes to Simone’s style, its sexy funky. Long dresses may drag her down if they didn’t come in smartly assorted colors and with minimum volume. However, short dresses pay her a tribute. She can wear … Read more...

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Barbie Collection by Aiisha in Zahrat Al Khaleej

2 of the Barbie collection by Aiisha were dazzling the Zahrat Al Khaleej pages. I loved the mood created in the coverage, the innocence portrayed and the cuteness of the hair/ makeup/ the Louboutins and all.

From the Barbie Collection by Aiisha Ramadan

To give you a little insight on what I did with the Barbie collection, I chose to keep Barbie as I love it and as most of all love it too. Simple, cute, trendy and mostly pink! The fabrics were top quality Raw Silk, layers and layers of Italian Tulle to achieve the gradience I was looking … Read more...

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A Barbie® Story

It all started with a phone call, and I was jumping with joy.

Barbie is celebrating her 50th birthday and I was invited with other designers to sketch some designs to dress her up for the occasion. Mattel assigned a panel of judges to meet and choose the designs they deem fit for Barbie. I have to admit, I didn’t spare a minute, I was sketching designs without counting, ended up with 25 or more, but I only submitted 16 to the panel, which to my surprise they chose 3 of my sketches to be produced and and go on … Read more...

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