Do you remember that hand-embroidered Dita dress gradually going from off white to purple from our recent AIISHA RAMADAN Spring Summer 2016? I’m sure you do as it was a show stopper. Like its original version, our Dita come in a straight long cut and long sleeves, sometimes with an open back, others with a completely closed back.

Our Dita was also one of the most popular designs among the celebrities. Kristin Chenoweth wore the most coveted indigo blue version at the Golden Globes. Keri Hilson had her eyes on the black version where she … Read more...

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The Making of our 3D Virtual Fashion Show

Its funny how months and months of preparations are summarized into a few minute fashion show. Anticipation, press pages, people asking for invitations left and right, all for a few minutes. Usually our fashion shows vary between 20 – 60 minutes. Our 3D Virtual Fashion show with Ariel hosted by Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose on the 30th of June in Dubai was a 4-minutes fashion show. In these 4 minutes, we showcased a capsule of 15 pieces from the entire collection that will be showcased in October this year.

4 minutes were the conclusion of several months of making the … Read more...

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