How to dress from day to night

aiisha ramadan how to dress from day to night
I write to like-minded women. A lot of men too actually, but regardless of the gender, we have pretty common busy lifestyles where our schedules are overbooked let alone our worries on what to wear for day and what to wear for dinner. While many people have their different takes on how to dress from day to night, I love to see my fashion line AIISHA as one that addresses this exact need with its huge range of chic looks that are classic yet bold.

Its a topic I love so much because it feels like I’ve mastered it due … Read more...

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The key to your soul are your eyes..

I have to admit that though I’m not a makeup junky, I’ve been seriously considering wearing lashes as they add that sedative touch of glamour and sultry look all at once. However, from friend’s experience, what keeps me hesitant from going for fake lashes is that they could ultimately damage my original lashes.

So I decided to leave the eyelashes for special events and instead started using the Lash Serum from Shiseido. I think that this is the coolest invention ever especially that eye lashes have a slow growth cycle. This Read more...

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