AIISHA at the Dubai International Film Festival!

The Dubai International Film Festival came in a festive season, one that calls for celebrations, great movies and lots of good fashion. This year, the DIFF had 3 beautiful ladies wearing AIISHA Couture to its red carpet.
 ♥ Joelle Mardinian: Celebrity makeup artist, Max Factor Ambassador and TV personality Joelle Mardinian wore a Champaign Forest couture dress from AIISHA Couture. Joelle, known for her style, took a new whimsical approach for the DIFF and looked dreamy!
Joelle was on the “Best Dressed” list on several websites such as
 Joelle Mardinian
♥ Raya Abirached: The top international movies are weekly anticipated by millions of viewers on MBC2 waiting for Raya to give us her “Scoop” meeting with all our favorite A-List celebrities. Raya is also the host of Arab’s Got Talent and is the ambassador of Head & Shoulders. She is the most natural beauty & warm personality that I have ever met. Raya chose a simpler version of Black Forest for the 2nd day of the DIFF and hosted the award ceremony with Cate Blanchette.
 photo 3 (5)
Raya Abirached-
♥ Aseel Omran: Aseel become a known face after her reality show on MBC TV exploring her artistic future where she then took a leap and became a full time actress and singer. Aseel, is by far one of the most elegant and delicate ladies to cross my way. Aseel chose a white Magical dress for the final day at the DIFF.
♥♥♥Thank you Joelle, Raya and Aseel for trusting in AIISHA ♥♥♥

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South France and Paris – Part 2

A breath taking view in St. Paul de Vence

My wish is to live life more quietly with more quality. My dream is to have a balcony overlooking a jungle and a river. These remain dreams realized from time to time among the years depending on the pressure of work. When my husband and I decided to spend most of our summer in southern France, it was all about the need to breathe and remember what it means to be human. I did reach a stage where I forgot what it means to remember myself and enjoy and appreciate what was given to us.
I respect the French way of life. In Nice, the shops close early. People walk and swim and shop and drink coffee, and a lot more, but work. People love life and explore it day and night. Streets are filled and full of love and joy.

Public beach in Nice

A couple getting married (in the background)

On our way to St. Tropez we went through a forest that had a beginning and seemed to have no end. I walked in and was mesmerized by the ocean of trees until I reached a beautiful river. When we reached St. Tropez I couldn’t take my eyes off the deep blue and calm sea.

A forest near Antibes, on the way to St. Tropez

River at the end of the forest

River in St. Tropez

St. Tropez deep blue sea

To make the trip count, we visited the exhibition of the French star Brigitte Bordot which took me to the fifties and sixties.

Brigitte Bardot

A wall of photos at the Brigitte Bardot Exhibition

Every night we went back to Nice to be able to visit the next day’s market, be it the flower market or antique one or vegetables, with its glowing colors.

Flower Market in Nice

One day we went to St. Paul de Vence, where most of the French perfume is made, or so we learned. I’ve never seen so much beauty in my life and I have been around some wonderful places. Standing up the hill overlooking the valley felt like Heaven. A valley furnished with an ocean of trees.

St. Paul de Vence

In Paris the weather was cooler and the air we breathed was fashionable! I always see Paris beautiful and  trendy despite the heritage of architectural beauty. Out of respect, we visited the Louvre and on our way shopping, we ran into some really interesting futuristic cars made by Toyota and Renault.

A futuristic car design from Renault, Paris

My resolution is to discover the rest of France day by day.

Eiffel Tower.. so sexy

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