Aiisha Ramadan hair

Challenges that Joelle Mardinian and I face to keep our hair healthy

The knowledge of protecting our skin from the sun is a pretty common information. What’s interesting is that people don’t often consider the same advise when it comes to their hair and they wonder why it could become dry. UV rays can be very harsh on your hair as much as they are on your skin. Pair that with humidity and you get unpleasant dry and frizzy results increasing hair fall and even damaged hair roots.

I have been using Pantene Clinicare for my hair for years now … Read more...

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Pantene Clinicare Testimonials

Check out what the UAE fashion and beauty experts such as Huda Kattan, Samira Olfat, Tala Samman and myself have to say on Pantene Clinicare!

I love Pantene Clinicare and swear by it!

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Save my Hair!

There’s a hot new breakthrough hair care range coming your way soon!


It’s Pantene’s revolutionary fountain of beauty and youth for your tresses, the 1st and only hair renewal regimen in the world, and it has the beauty industry in Asia raving.

It’s a new line that’s all the rage in Asia making beauty experts everywhere delirious with excitement! It has already won Japan’s prestigious VOCE magazine beauty award, MAQUIA’s equally prestigious Hair Care Grand Prize, was chosen as the best beauty product by Marie Claire Japan and it has 95% of beauty editors recommending it to their clients. … Read more...

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