2nd Video Campaign: “I by Aiisha – Mirror”

In line with my tradition of innovation and unique collaborations, ‘I by Aiisha’ was launched with a video campaign featuring a host of celebrities including beauty expert and TV presenter Joelle Mardinian, singer Asmaa Lmnawar, TV Presenter Mohamad Abu Obeid, Bollywood actor Arjan Bajwa and myself. This video featured these celebrities unique and personal opinions of how to define style.

I love the fact that Mohamad Abuobeid spoke about how its not an obstacle for a woman wearing a veil to look stylish. Asmaa spoke about how essential it is for her style to reflect her identity as a Moroccan singer. Joelle gave tips on how to change an entire look by changing her accessories and shoes. Arjan stated that he’s a classic guy who has an eye for details.



I can’t thank these beautiful people enough for their support and for voicing out their opinions on fashion and style through my I by Aiisha video campaign. Everyone of us has a protagonist and antagonist inside. Without good there is no bad and vice versa. The art is to embrace both and learn how to harmonize the opposites within oneself. With this collection I wanted to reveal the simpler side of me. One that gave me balance.


arjan bajwa

I will post a video with the collection from the fashion show very soon. Stay tuned!

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AIISHA at the Dubai International Film Festival!

The Dubai International Film Festival came in a festive season, one that calls for celebrations, great movies and lots of good fashion. This year, the DIFF had 3 beautiful ladies wearing AIISHA Couture to its red carpet.
 ♥ Joelle Mardinian: Celebrity makeup artist, Max Factor Ambassador and TV personality Joelle Mardinian wore a Champaign Forest couture dress from AIISHA Couture. Joelle, known for her style, took a new whimsical approach for the DIFF and looked dreamy!
Joelle was on the “Best Dressed” list on several websites such as Nawa3em.com
 Joelle Mardinian
♥ Raya Abirached: The top international movies are weekly anticipated by millions of viewers on MBC2 waiting for Raya to give us her “Scoop” meeting with all our favorite A-List celebrities. Raya is also the host of Arab’s Got Talent and is the ambassador of Head & Shoulders. She is the most natural beauty & warm personality that I have ever met. Raya chose a simpler version of Black Forest for the 2nd day of the DIFF and hosted the award ceremony with Cate Blanchette.
 photo 3 (5)
Raya Abirached-
♥ Aseel Omran: Aseel become a known face after her reality show on MBC TV exploring her artistic future where she then took a leap and became a full time actress and singer. Aseel, is by far one of the most elegant and delicate ladies to cross my way. Aseel chose a white Magical dress for the final day at the DIFF.
♥♥♥Thank you Joelle, Raya and Aseel for trusting in AIISHA ♥♥♥

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Makeup Heaven Maker!

Like most girls, I love makeup but I don’t overdo it. My recently discovered signature look is an eye lifting eyeliner and a bronze skin. As for my lips, depending on the season and the mood, I can go really bold using Red/ Orange, else nude lips.

I took my makeup application skills up a notch after working on my fashion shows several times with Samira Olfat, who I later on labeled as my absolute favorite Makeup Artist! Samira is an artist. In her mind, our faces are like blank canvases and she likes to paint on them. When she was young, she used her permanent markers to paint on her dolls faces! She looks at our faces, and imagines them with makeup on and she follows that image she created. This is probably the reason why she is faster than others.

Samira Olfat

Samira Olfat

Samira is so devoted that she never gets tired of research, courses and discovering new techniques. She is after all the official Makeup artist for Max Facter Middle East.

I asked her for some advise and she led me into some amazing secrets in the makeup Heaven!

As an average woman, I always wonder if we should be using the concealer before the foundation or the other way around. Which is first?

If you are using pen stick concealer, apply it before foundation. If its liquid, apply it on top of foundation. However, if you are applying dark eye shadow on your eyes, no matter what type of concealer it is, apply it after you’re done with your eye makeup.
Don’t forget to choose the right shade for your concealer or instead of concealing your flows it will enhance your problem areas! It should be just one shade lighter than your foundation.

– Which brands and types do you advise women in general for Foundation, Concealer, Eyeliner and Mascara?

People have different skin types and obviously it’s impossible to recommend one product for very one. Generally, for foundation and concealer look for those with natural ingredients such as sheer butter, mango butter, cucumber water, rose hip plus SPF.

For Mascara I love the one from MAX FACTOR MASTER PIECE MAX. The brush is IFX and prevents the eyelashes from sticking together and at the same time will cover all the eyelashes. For a more dramatic effect apply 2 coats of mascara!

My favorite eyeliner is Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, It won’t smudge or peel off.

– How can we stop a red lipstick from bleeding (or expanding beyond the lip liner)?

To apply Red lipstick or any darker color, always apply bit of concealer or foundation all over the lips then draw the lip liner, which works as a border so the lipstick won’t run, plus fill inside your lips with the lip liner to make your lipstick last longer. Apply the lipstick with the lip brush to get the pigment will go inside all the small lines in the lips so the color won’t go even with drinking and eating. Dab a tissue on your lips to get ride of excess oil and reapply the lipstick again.try to avoid the gloss as it will make the lipstick fade out quickly but if you really want to have glossy lips, just apply small amount of gloss in the middle of upper and bottom lips but not in the corner.

Should the lipstick always match the dress color?

Matching the makeup with the clothes it always depend on the trend of the season!
I personally like to match my lipstick color with my shoes, my bag or my nail polish but not my dress!

– When a woman has to wear makeup for a long time, how can she refresh her face without adding too many layers or ruining the look?

I’m a big fan of blot pad, which is getting away the excess shine on my face in order for me not to end up with many layers of powder on my face. At the same time, I always reapply the black pencil inside my eyes and clean up the inner corners of my eyes as well as reapplying my lip gloss.

 – So where do you aspire to be in few years from now?

I’m working on opening my own makeup school in Dubai within the next two months and I’m hoping to franchise it in GCC within the next five years as I love spreading beauty! At the same time I love doing charity work whereby I can teach makeup to women having a difficult time taking care of their families and trying to find a career.

– When a client tells you what she wants, do you do what she wants no matter what?  

I always try to tell the client what’s the best for her, but at the same time I listen to what she wants and at the end I create a look which will make her and me happy with the result!

– How do you feel about the exaggerated colorful makeup we see in parts of the Middle East?

I love colors in makeup, I believe if its applied in a right way it will look gorgeous!
However, sometimes I see a disaster and I wish I could go up to them, clean their faces and do what’s best for them!

To learn from and know about Samira Olfat, follow her blog fabprofashional.blogspot.com and her Facebook Group: fabprofashional

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Diane von Furstenberg and Aiisha Ramadan

I was invited for an afternoon tea with the diva DIANE von FURSTENBERG for the opening of her new boutique at Mall of the Emirates new Fashion Dome. By the morning of the 11th November, I was still unsure I will make it. With no makeup kit in my Furla (as I’ve recently changed bags), no decent hair accessories or hair for that matter, but a pair of heels that my gutt told me to bring along, I got an Angel carrying its D&G makeup essentials in one bag and Max Factor (Second Skin foundation) in another.


When I say an Angel, I mean it as it saved my face from a terrible first time meeting with Ms. DIANE von FURSTENBERG.


So I reached the crowded boutique where I learned that Kanye West was there (but no photographs were allowed). I waited for DVF till she had a minute, grabbed the first book written by her and had it signed. During our chat, I told her “I’m a designer and you’re my muse!” She was happy to hear that and wished me luck leaving her signature and wishes as a Blessing on her book that I later purchased.

What always strikes me is how my interest in certain people immediately elevates after I meet them. That applies to many people in my life such as Hatem Akeel, Michel Lacoste, and my husband. I’d heard so much about them before I’ve met them and I had neutral feelings towards them. But that all changed after spending more than just 5 minutes with them.

On my way to Beirut, I enjoyed my latest book A Signature Life by DvF

To my surprise, I share a lot in common with DvF, a group of little things that means a lot to me. We share a lot in terms of working really hard with limited resources as a start to a lot of other minor things. The difference is, I didn’t marry a prince, but my husband certainly had me as the princess of his heart.

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Second Skin

I’m not really a foundation girl but like it or not for TV shooting or photoshoots, foundation is a must. It evens up your face tones and makes it look “supposedly” flawless. What I “Hate” about foundation is when it makes the face look like a cake mask. It hurts me to see it gathered around wrinkles or on the sides of the nose and so on. I also have a combination skin, so neither purely matt nor very liquidy could work on me.

Carmen Kass for Max Factor Second Skin Foundation

That was until I tried Max Factor – Second Skin Foundation. One word: BRILLIANT!!

Nothing can describe this miraculous foundation better than “Second Skin”. Just select the closest shade to your skin tone among 5 options and your good to go.

Different shades from Max Factor Second Skin Foundation

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The Team Behind The Love Affair

This by far is the longest post that this site has so far, and its there to thank every individual who has provided us with support and has been a part of this great success. So I list them at no particular order.

A Love Affair
A Love Affair


Stefan Cebula, an amazing human being. You look at him and you realize that everything will be alright. Building the stage on ice, hanging himself from the rooftop, taking care of every (production) aspect was never an easy job. Stef has produced Valentino shows and The World Summit in Johannesburg among many others. He is the best!

Stefan Cebula

Among many others, Vartan Kelechian was a true positive vibe for me. Everytime I felt the world crashing around me, he assured me it will all be fine and it was!

Jihad Mawed is the man behind my logo. I paid 5 companies for a proper logo and I ended up using none. Instead I used the one from my childhood friend. He’s a true artist and a very dear brother. Along with my husband, Jihad also designed the Love Affair backdrop, which I think was sensational

A Love Affair Backdrop


Liz Berry, What can you say about a (Super Lady) who has produced the lights for London Fashion Week and Robbie Williams concerts? She’s a Super Lady!!


Carole B, Hana Nitsche, Alexandra, Zeljka, Cole, Ying, Maja and Sophia from Bareface, Kate and Nicole from LMM, Dima, Anastasia, Katryna, Katsyarina, Rene and Anna. Everybody spoke of their beauty and grace. They really made me proud and were gorgeous! Unlike other models, they were all lovely, patient and simply professional.

Colors at the Finale
Gorgeous Models at the Finale

Andrew Amdur

A powerful opera singer who’s full of passion and has previously opened at Twickenham for 80,000 people. He was sensational!

Andrew Amdur (Tenor)

Natasha Alexandra Kemball

A graceful figure skater, who started the evening off with twirls and elegant moves, using the soaring voice of Opera Singer – Andrew Amdur for inspiration. It was so passionate and truly brought me tears.

Natasha Alexandra Kemball
Natasha Alexandra Kemball


All the photographers stood side by side to document every breath we took, every move the models took and every shine of Victoria Casal pieces. Joseph Bassil was their leader and his photos speak for themselves.

©Photo Joseph Basil 2009
©Photo Joseph Basil 2009
©Photo Richard Martinez 2009
©Photo Richard Martinez 2009
©Photo Rupert Chesman 2009
©Photo Rupert Chesman 2009


All 4 Media. These guys got me speechless everytime I saw them around me either filming or solving a problem or simply reassuring us that everything is gonna be alright. They were true soldiers.  The filming was conducted in HD and transfered on the massive 20meter x 10meter screen at Dubai Mall. Thank you, Roland, Raymond and all the incredible staff.


Thanks to my incredible husband, we truly brought Paris to Dubai for the night. The mix was sensational.. I listen to it almost everyday and never get enough of it – Because we truly worked on it from our hearts. Please visit the links to taste the music.

No. Song Artist
01 Ivyhouse Saint Etienne
02 Je Ne Sais Qui Fumer Paris Combo
03 Je M’amuse Caravan Palace
04 La Vie En Rose Goldfinga
05 Ain’t No Sunshine (Benny Blanco Remix) Michael Jackson
06 Poisson Rouge Saint Privat
07 Comme Un Hic Jenifer
08 Being Bad Bitter:Sweet
09 Drum Rhythm Koop
10 Sirènes de la Fête Brazilian Girls
11 Contact Brigitte Bardot
12 Hurt Parov Stelar
13 Decide Toi Rouge Rouge
14 Ou Est La Femme? Louise Vertigo
15 Fleur Blanche Orsten


La Femme Parallel – Thievery Corporation

Artist 01 Ivyhouse Saint Etienne
Je Ne Sais Qui Fumer
Paris Combo 03 Je M’amuse Caravan Palace
La Vie En Rose
Goldfinga 05 Ain’t No Sunshine (Benny Blanco Remix) Michael Jackson
Poisson Rouge
Saint Privat 07 Comme Un Hic Jennifer
Bitter Sweet:
Being Bad 09 Drum Rhythm Koop
Sirènes de la Fête
Brazilian Girls 11 Contact Brigitte Bardot
Parov Stelar 13 Decide Toi Rouge Rouge
Ou Est La Femme?
Louise Vertigo 15 Fleur Blanche Orsten
Wedding Song
La Femme Parallel – Thievery Corporation

Manolo Blahnik

What an pleasure to have met this legend. With his beautiful fuchsia shoes, both Victoria and myself were honored and so glad to have met Manolo. The 3 of us shared 2 photoshoots (exclusive for Harper’s Bazaar and Zahrat Al Khaleej magazines). It’s great as it makes the lady wearing Manolo’s feel like a princess, but also meeting the lovely legend behind it, is thrilling. Truly, to have Victoria and Manolo on my sides was a dream I never thought would come true!

Manolo Blahnik, Victoria Casal and Aiisha
Manolo Blahnik, Victoria Casal and Aiisha

Our stylist Noni, a passionate lady so eager to become a professional stylist, I tell her thank you for your dedication and your precision. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Pace e Luce

The models looked like they went out of the 60’s Vogue (I quote from the Khaleej Times). Steve from Pace e Luce Al Manzel – Burj Dubai Downtown – made me and Victoria look like 60’s divas for our clip. We simply looked sexy. Put the same look on the naturally perfect models and tell me what you think! The entire team of Pace e Luce blew us away by their work.. Thank you guys! If you know great hair professionals, Pace e Luce will always be on the top of your list!

Pace e Luce on site, hard at work
Pace e Luce on site, hard at work

Max Factor

When it comes to Max Factor (part of Procter & Gamble), I can’t help but think: Family. P&G and their PR company MS&L have supported me from my early beginnings and we remain loyal to each other. Not only are they professionals, but also friendly and easy going. When it comes to mastering Max Factor, Samira Olfat is my favorite makeup artist. She has worked with the best companies and designers from Galliano to Christian Lacroix to Aiisha and Victoria Casal! Max Factor had their iconic Lipfinity in its 6 shades worn to stay on the lips. I don’t know of any woman who has tried them and not felt grateful for this invention..

Makeup by Max Factor
Makeup by Max Factor


As you know, I’m the spokesperson for the HP Fashion Products, including the Vivienne Tam netbook. To continue what we have started, HP supported us with their latest pink edition, which simply happens to be divine!!

HP New Mini with Windows 7 Starter Edition
HP New Mini with Windows 7 Starter Edition


Another supporter from Procter & Gamble. Camay, the luxurious soap brand, has 5 exquisite variants for every woman: Dejour, Crème Delice, Passion, Parfum, and Pink. I have designed 5 dresses that reflect each of the Camay 5 scents. Each of them appeals to a mood / character that every woman may embrace. In each character, I see myself. We’ll cover that soon in a different post.

Goodie Bag
Goodie Bag


To complete the designer circle, Evian had their Jean-Paul Gaultier high end bottles at our Love Affair

Evian on display at the event
Evian on display at the event


My eternal partner.. Thank you for offering us the branding: made with CRYSTALLIZED™ –  Swarovski Elements

For me Swarovski is like the stars that shine in the dark sky. Thank you

Sweet Stuff

Did you know that Sweet Stuff made a special Aiisha and Love Affair Cup Cake editions for the fashion show? Not only that, but these cup cakes are being sold in their store on Jumeirah for a month after the show. I’m really flattered!

Sweet Stuff / Aiisha Cupcakes
Sweet Stuff / Aiisha Cupcakes

Graziella Kamel

Its a true honor to have had Graziella as our MC. Graziella and I have worked on Dubai TV for a fashion styling program. I was always fond of Graziella’s ocean of talent. She was a sense of fashion that this region needs to nourish from. She’s multi-lingual and its simply sexy.. And she’s smart. Did I forget to mention how beautiful she really is? Hard luck for the men out there, she’s taken by a wonderful Ralph!

Graziella Kamel
Graziella Kamel (MC of the event)


Danielle Wilson. For very long months, Danielle has worked so hard day and night and has always had faith in me. For that and much much more, I’m grateful. I couldn’t have done it without you..

Danielle Wilson with Aiisha and the Sweet Stuff at the event
Danielle Wilson with Aiisha and the Sweet Stuff at the event

Victoria Casal

My partner and my lover! Every member of Victoria Casal Paris to the Dubai branch made all the difference with their support. Thank you for making this Love Affair happen. I lived my dream with you..

Victoria Casal and Aiisha on the catwalk
Victoria Casal and Aiisha on the catwalk


Every writer, reporter, journalist, blogger be it positive or negative (and it was truly positive), THANK YOU!

Press at the Love Affair
Press at the Love Affair

Our friends, family and the working team behind “Aiisha”.. thank you for your continuous support. I love you!

Show’s Finale – My favorite photo:

Love Affair Finale by Rupert Chesman

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“A Love Affair” Photoshoot at Galeries Lafayette

As part of our presence at Galeries Lafayette, we conducted a photoshoot on site.

It attracted many people who were mesmerized by the photo techniques used, or was it just the beautiful model?

Butterfly Dynamite

Like a Butterfly

Monroe Style

Monroe Remixed

Lite as Feather

Lite as Feather

Elegantly Wasted

Elegantly Wasted

Orange Crush

Orange Crush

Credits goes to:

“A Love Affair” – Collection

Aiisha Ramadan – Designer

Callaghan Walsh – Photographer

Yi Li – Model

Samira Olfat – Makeup Artist (Max Factor)

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Aiisha @ Galeries Lafayette

I understand how important it is to keep the blog up to date, specially after such a monumental event in my life, but I really have no time to update this blog followers with the event details, so I left the scoop for other bloggers (which I sincerely thank from my heart). But that doesn’t mean I won’t be updating my blog with the event photos and video, but all is good in due time.

La Dame a la Tour Eiffel

La Dame a la Tour Eiffel

The purpose of this entry is to announce that all the “Love Affair” collection is displayed at Galeries Lafayette in Dubai Mall.

At the main entrance of Galeries Lafayette Dubai Mall

At the main entrance of Galeries Lafayette Dubai Mall

At first we had the opportunity to display the collection for 10 days, which after an overwhelming reception, this extended till end of November.

Please, come and have a look at the collection first hand, it is on display at the main entrance on the 2nd floor.

Aiisha on Display

Aiisha on Display

I will be at Galeries Lafayette this weekend (Friday and Saturday), come and say Hi.

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It Was My Night (A Love Affair)

Date: Tuesday, November 3rd 2009

A day to remember in my calendar of events. We’ve been busy planning for this date for over 5 months (if not more), for few days prior to that date we hardly slept, we worked over night, but the more challenge we faced, the more we developed collective determination until we reached the deadline and from there it was smooth sailing.

Of course I’m talking about my collaboration with Victoria Casal.

A Love Affair Invite

A Love Affair Invite

A Love Affair is a collaboration 1 year in the making, kept under wraps until it was unveiled in a glamorous, unique, one of a kind show that was deemed the fashion show of the year and the golden ticket of the fashion events in Dubai.


The Design Team on the Catwalk

My coverage for this event will extend to few blog posts detailing all aspects of the show, the designs and everything related.

Await more

Colors at the Finale

Colors at the Finale

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