2nd Video Campaign: “I by Aiisha – Mirror”

In line with my tradition of innovation and unique collaborations, ‘I by Aiisha’ was launched with a video campaign featuring a host of celebrities including beauty expert and TV presenter Joelle Mardinian, singer Asmaa Lmnawar, TV Presenter Mohamad Abu Obeid, Bollywood actor Arjan Bajwa and myself. This video featured these celebrities unique and personal opinions of how to define style.

I love the fact that Mohamad Abuobeid spoke about how its not an obstacle for a woman wearing a veil to look stylish. Asmaa spoke about how essential it is for her style to reflect her identity as a Moroccan … Read more...

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AIISHA at the Dubai International Film Festival!

The Dubai International Film Festival came in a festive season, one that calls for celebrations, great movies and lots of good fashion. This year, the DIFF had 3 beautiful ladies wearing AIISHA Couture to its red carpet.
 ♥ Joelle Mardinian: Celebrity makeup artist, Max Factor Ambassador and TV personality Joelle Mardinian wore a Champaign Forest couture dress from AIISHA Couture. Joelle, known for her style, took a new whimsical approach for the DIFF and looked dreamy!
Joelle was on the “Best Dressed” list on several websites such as Nawa3em.com
 Joelle Mardinian
♥ Raya Abirached: The top international movies are weekly anticipated … Read more...

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Makeup Heaven Maker!

Like most girls, I love makeup but I don’t overdo it. My recently discovered signature look is an eye lifting eyeliner and a bronze skin. As for my lips, depending on the season and the mood, I can go really bold using Red/ Orange, else nude lips.

I took my makeup application skills up a notch after working on my fashion shows several times with Samira Olfat, who I later on labeled as my absolute favorite Makeup Artist! Samira is an artist. In her mind, our faces are like blank canvases and she likes to paint on them. When she … Read more...

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Diane von Furstenberg and Aiisha Ramadan

I was invited for an afternoon tea with the diva DIANE von FURSTENBERG for the opening of her new boutique at Mall of the Emirates new Fashion Dome. By the morning of the 11th November, I was still unsure I will make it. With no makeup kit in my Furla (as I’ve recently changed bags), no decent hair accessories or hair for that matter, but a pair of heels that my gutt told me to bring along, I got an Angel carrying its D&G makeup essentials in one bag and Max Factor (Second … Read more...

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Second Skin

I’m not really a foundation girl but like it or not for TV shooting or photoshoots, foundation is a must. It evens up your face tones and makes it look “supposedly” flawless. What I “Hate” about foundation is when it makes the face look like a cake mask. It hurts me to see it gathered around wrinkles or on the sides of the nose and so on. I also have a combination skin, so neither purely matt nor very liquidy could work on me.

Carmen Kass for Max Factor Second Skin Foundation

That was until I tried Max Factor – … Read more...

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