Paris Fashion Week – Elie Saab 2011

In the spirit of the Paris Fashion Week, and although its long over due, I wanted to share my experience at the Elie Saab fashion show at the Trocadero, Paris end of January 2011.

Catwalk before the start of the show

It was typical Elie Saab style with emphasis on the waist and an introduction to a interesting color palette such as deep lipstick red, dove grey inspired by the almond flower white, light peach.

Below are some of my favorite pieces

Here is some of what I captured from the backstage (so much tension)!

Elie Saab (Backstage)

Lili Ji, Aiisha & Lela


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Joan Collin wears Aiisha again..

I’ve always been a big fan of Joan Collins from Dynasty. She is after all a classical queen who is in every meaning of the word, a role model. After the first time Ms. Collins wore an Aiisha turquoise Kaftan, I became obsessed with her. To be specific, I loved her interview with Piers Morgan the most. This amazing lady brings me inspiration and reminds me of being graceful and strong. With that, came another Aiisha kaftan that was custom-made in fuchsia silk sprayed with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that Joan Collins wore in her recent interview on Palm Springs Life.



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Joan Collins wears Aiisha Ramadan

Joan Collins, the flamboyant English actress, who with her graceful appearance as Alexis Colby on Dynasty made history. Six times nominee of the Golden Globe Award, and a one time winner, Ms. Collins had political views as well as being a best selling author and a columnist.

Joan Collins wearing Aiisha Ramadan Courtesy of Hello! Magazine UK

A little while ago, my heart was thrilled to see Joan Collins wearing an Aiisha Ramadan creation. This deep turquoise kaftan featured in Hello! Magazine UK was custom-made of 100% silk chiffon and Swarovski Elements to be worn by the queen of the … Read more...

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