After what felt like a month out of town, I have finally returned back home from an 8-day incredibly packed trip in the amazing Thailand where I was invited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand along with 6 gorgeous ladies to discover Thailand, a country of heritage, culture and natural beauty.

When one says “Thailand”, the first thing I imagine is a smile. It is not just a country that excels at hospitality, but I believe that its women occupy some of the most graceful manners in our modern times. At least, this is what I felt in the north … Read more...

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Paris Fashion Week 2011 – Georges Chakra

The first womens Couture fashion show I ever watched during the Paris Fashion Week 2011 was for Georges Chakra at the Palais de Tokyo. Its worth mentioning that just before the show started I had a chance to view a very exclusive and one-on-one presentation for the latest Chanel  J12 Chromatic watch. All in all, it was sensational. Very black and white.

I had to wrap up quickly and go to the backstage of Georges Chakra fashion show. I was fascinated by the generosity that Chakra loads in his creations. I have to say that it was my favorite show … Read more...

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