Anne-Solenne Hatte wears AIISHA

The beautiful French-Vietnamese actress Anne-Solenne Hatte was a grace to meet the last time I was in Paris for the Paris Fashion Week. She is kind, charismatic and genuinely beautiful. Above all, I adore her body type as she represents perfection with her real-woman slim yet rounded figure.

Anne-Solenne Hatte & Aiisha Ramadan

She has recently starred in a video clip of a song called Pauline by French singer Mat. In this video clip, she wore a beautiful AIISHA dress. Watching this video was like seeing my design from sketch to fantasy embedding all the beautiful details that I dreamt of while designing this piece and summarizing those moments by a vision that only Anne-Solenne can show to the world as she sways on the French coast.

Anne-Solenne Hatte wears AIISHA

Anne-Solenne Hatte wears AIISHA

Anne-Solenne Hatte wears AIISHA

Anne-Solenne Hatte wears AIISHA

Anne-Solenne Hatte starred in a few hit movies such as Ocean’s Twelve and Lockout. She also appears in several ads for leading brands such as Cartier and Levis.

Anne-Solenne Hatte by Gilles Marie Zimmermann

Love you Anne-Solenne and thank you for choosing AIISHA!


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Atelier Versace – Paris Fashion Week 2012

To quickly wrap up what I saw at these fashion shows, Atelier Versace, was an amazing presentation of their Couture collection – however, I clearly saw the similarity between their colors and those of Elie Saab’s Couture collection from the past year with the Dove Grey being the main “new” color. I just wonder why the international press never points out such things while Elie Saab was accused of copying Chanel with his White collection.

The entire collection blinged heavily and was well structure. It also had a lot of the golden metal which Stephane Rolland also had in his fashion show during that fashion week.

Anyway, at the Versace fashion show, I saw Diane Kruger, Anna Wintour, Cameron Diaz, Anna Dello Russo  and Grace Cunningham. Here’s the glimpse I caught of Anna Wintour


Anna Wintour, Cameron Diaz, Donatella Versace

Anna Wintour

Grace ConninghamAnna Dello Russo

Diane Kruger


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Elie Saab – Paris Fashion Week 2012

Better late than never.. I’d like to share with you my experience in photographs from my 2nd visit to an Elie Saab Couture fashion show during the Paris Fashion Week in January 2012 at the Grand Palais, which was followed by dinner at his mansion in Paris.

The collection was as usualy beautiful with some really interesting celebrities that I happened to meet. Below are some of the dresses that I personally like (courtesy of

At the Elie Saab fashion show, I saw Bérénice Bejo and I knew that she’ll wear one of his dresses during the Oscars – and she did.

Following the beautiful fashion show, we partied a little with the stars at Elie Saab’s apartment in Paris where celebrities like Haifa Wehbe, Elissa and Dita Von Teese were present.

Aiisha Ramadan and Elie Saab


Aiisha Ramadan and Elie Saab

aiisha and chantelle

Chantal Thomass and Aiisha Ramadan

aiisha and haifa wehbe

Haifa Wehbe and Aiisha Ramadan

aiisha and dita von teese

Dita Von Teese and Aiisha Ramadan

I always look forward to this experience every year. Elie Saab is the king of Couture and makes me proud every day.

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AIISHA S/S 2012 in Paris

Aiisha White Dress

I have the pleasure to announce that our AIISHA S/S 2012 Couture collection Le Pouvoir De La Poudre will be presented in Paris for buyers to view from the 20th January until the 15th of February. The presentation coincides with the Paris Fashion Week as I’ll be there not only to meet buyers, but also to watch my favorite fashion shows like Elie Saab, Stephane Roland and George Hobeika.

Viewing our collection is by appointment only. Kindly contact us for appointments.

Contact details:

Twitter: @aiisharamadan

Email: Aiisha

This collection has participated in the latest edition of New Zealand’s Next Top Model, Ariel 3D fashion show that was hosted by June Ambrose, and will soon appear in a campaign that I can’t wait to share with the whole world. Check out more designs from our collection. Its romantic bold and simply beautiful.

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Paris Fashion Week – Elie Saab 2011

In the spirit of the Paris Fashion Week, and although its long over due, I wanted to share my experience at the Elie Saab fashion show at the Trocadero, Paris end of January 2011.

Catwalk before the start of the show

It was typical Elie Saab style with emphasis on the waist and an introduction to a interesting color palette such as deep lipstick red, dove grey inspired by the almond flower white, light peach.

Below are some of my favorite pieces

Here is some of what I captured from the backstage (so much tension)!

Elie Saab (Backstage)

Lili Ji, Aiisha & Lela Rose


Magdalena Frackowiak and Aiisha

Celebrities from the Middle East were heavily present. Nancy Ajram, pregnant at the time, Elissa, Youssra and Mohieb Dahabieh were some of the invitees.





After the show, I was invited to dinner at Elie Saab’s fashion house, where all the celebrities were, Vogue and editors. However, the highlight of my night was bumping into Cameron Diaz and later on Stephan Roland





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Paris Fashion Week 2011 – George Hobeika

George Hobeika fashion show also took place at the Palais Tokyo in Paris. I love going backstage to see the clothes up close, so I did. When I met George, I asked him you seem nervous. He said he is and his publicist told me that George is always a nerve wreck before his shows.

It was very different from what Lebanon designers are used to showing us. It had very minimum beading, very flowy lines, some eccentric ideas and a general pale feeling to the colors. This is where I think he got it wrong. In the end its his vision, but I have to say that the combination of mustard, lavender, dove grey and White don’t exactly speak happiness. But then his inspiration was rocks from the natural.

Below are my favoritete pieces from the show.

Having said that, I thought that the designs had some truly brilliant twist. The wedding dress I felt was a piece of art. He is after all one of my favorite designers.

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Paris Fashion Week 2011 – Georges Chakra

The first womens Couture fashion show I ever watched during the Paris Fashion Week 2011 was for Georges Chakra at the Palais de Tokyo. Its worth mentioning that just before the show started I had a chance to view a very exclusive and one-on-one presentation for the latest Chanel  J12 Chromatic watch. All in all, it was sensational. Very black and white.

I had to wrap up quickly and go to the backstage of Georges Chakra fashion show. I was fascinated by the generosity that Chakra loads in his creations. I have to say that it was my favorite show during the entire Paris Fashion Week. There’s so much regal and fresh feel to it all in one.

His inspiration was like most of the Lebanese designers, nature and flowers. That brought to my attention how the European designers were mostly inspired by certain characters. My favorite pieces involved a short fully CRYSTALLIZED by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS dress and an coral/orange dress with a fully beaded tulle tight pants. Marvelous pieces. Yes, fully bling bling but in the most elegant way.

There was a tiny incident I enjoyed, that was when Mr. George Chakra was gonna have an interview with a TV station and he asked me to hold his telephone till he’s done. About 15 minutes later, his phone was ringing, and thats when I noticed that he’s forgotten his mobile with me!

On a separate note, a lot of people ask why are George Chakra’s creations so expensive. If you meet him and his staff, you’d be embraced with class and elegance. That alone makes you fall in love with the people behind the brand. But of course comes his beautiful designs, generosity in materials and crystals and a very fine end product. People, art is invaluable!

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Paris Fashion Week 2011 – John Galliano (Homme)

My third show to attend at the Paris Fashion Week 2011 end of January was for John Galliano Homme, which took place at the Ecole de Medicine. I had a first row seat and I enjoyed every bit of the show. Or should I say of the theatrical act I saw? It was insane. The music, the decoration, the model’s presentations.. all of it was simply great!

Galliano’s collection was inspired by the Russian ballerinus Rudolf Nureyev who was a Tartar where the clothes reflected the Barbaric lifestyle. With a Russian pianist playing live, the models showcased big coats, military jackets as well as tightly tailored pantsuits. The makeup and setting reflected how Galliano saw Rudie in his eyes.

I constantly bumped into River Viiper, who’s real fun and nice and Joan Pedrola, quite serious. Both are very young.

Here are some photos from my experience

Aiisha with River Viiperi and Joan Pedrola

Aiisha with Joan Pedrola

Galliano Runway

Aiisha on Galliano Front Row

Below is a glimpse on what the collection looked like.

Then there was this extremely VIP room for very selected people and press to enter it and meet the designer, John Galliano. I was very surprised with how thin he is in real life. Check out his hat

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Paris Fashion Week 2011 – Smalto (Homme)

The first fashion show I visited during the Paris Fashion Week  was on the 20th of January 2011 for Smalto. I went backstge, enjoyed the model’s getting done and met with the designer Youn Chong Bak. During the fashion show, I was seated first row.

Love the interior and the tattoo on the model was an Arabic Calligraphy

To tell you the truth, I made a big mistake not taking professional photos of the collection – but in my defense I was mesmerised by the greatness of this collection for men. I’ve never seen such perfect fitted suits and trousers, which made every man look hotter than a cake out of the oven! The lines and material, such as cashmere and wool, were impeccable. The details on the jacket lapels left me speechless as well as the beautiful low cut leather gloves. As for the colors, Youn focused on the soft degrees of grey, brown and camel.

I loved the hall of the show at the Westin Hotel Paris. Even the hair and makeup room seemed to be part of a museum.

Runway photos are courtesy of

Here are some photos of me partying at the Smalto VIP after party

Aiisha partying with River Viiperi

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Paris Fashion Week report soon…

Just came back from Paris and Milan were I had the pleasure of being at the front row of nearly all of the fashion shows I watched at the Paris Fashion Week. I met with all the designers of the shows I’ve visited and had the best time backstage cuddling with their clothes as well as meeting with the hottest celebrities.

Anyways, since I came back – just 4 days ago, life has been upside down trying to catch up with a lot of work. Soon, I’ll update you on my trip in addition to our latest and really exciting news!

The shows I visited:

– Smalto (Homme)

– Cerruti (Homme)

– John Galliano (Homme)

– George Hobeika (Femme)

– George Chakra (Femme)

– Zuhair Murad (Femme)

– Elie Saab (Femme)

– Robert Abi Nader (Femme)

I’d also like to thank the below for inviting me, sorry I couldn’t make it, but I did watch all your shows later on and they’re amazing!

Among many others, Kenzo, Paul Smith, Basil Soda and Stephane Rolland (who I met later and found super charming!)

Here’s a little taste from George Hobeika’s backstage model’s running order chart:

George Hobeika models' running order

Thanks to all of the designers, their PR, and to Laith Bazari.. one of the sweetest, boldest and workaholic journalists I’ve ever met!

Laith Bazari

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