Paula Patton wears AIISHA!

Actress Paula Patton arrived at the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards in style and pure elegance wearing a white couture gown by my own label Aiisha.

21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

The actress who was on hand to present an award for the night stunned in the hand embroidered gown with opaque white crystals and antique gold leaves. Patton completed her ensemble with green earrings and a gold clutch.

Paula Patton

Thank you Paula and Style PR for the lovely placement

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Elle L’Aime by Lolita Lempicka launched!

Last June, I was invited to join a team of selected press from around the world to the introduction of Lolita Lempicka’s latest fragrance Elle L’Aime, which finally launches in the Middle East this week. In brief, this perfume sums up the general inspiration of Lolita Lempicka, a woman in love and its definitely one of my favorites ever.

Elle Laime

elle laime presentation

I was welcomed at my hotel with a beautiful Lolilta Lempicka gift and macaroons, of which I had a lot during this trip.. I mean how could you resist when fragrance was in the air and food! The same evening, we headed to the gala dinner at La Maison Blanche on Avenue Montaigne to experience Elle L’Aime for the first time. A fragrance that smells like the best floral bouquet you’ve ever had, so different from other floral scents. After all, it took them about 3 years to get it done.



To understand the brand Lolita Lempicka, you have to understand the woman behind it, how she got her name keeping her original one a mystery for as long as she could. By visiting the Pinacotheque de Paris Museum, we got to see Tamara Lempicka’s art, which I fell in love with. Lolita got her name from the character behind the controversial book and paired it with Tamara’s last name, Lempicka.  It was interesting to find out that Lolita’s birth name remained a mystery for a very long time.

tamara lempicka-

At the Lolita Lempicka headquarters, I met Lolita herself and it was amazing to see myself in her as she’s a very sensual woman living in her own world of dreams yet so down to Earth.

lolita and i

lolita and us

lolita presentation

Here’s my interview with her:

Where do you find your passion? In so many places – watching Parisian girls walking in the street, the cinema from 30’s to the 80’s, lounging around in my garden, surrounded by flowers, trees and animals, travelling in France, Italy and NYC and visiting museums.

Can perfume change your mood? Perfume has a positive impact; it makes me feel beautiful and ultra feminine.

How do you decide when to launch a new product? Are you bound by the season or is it completely random? Seasons have to be taken in consideration but my desires are driving the creation.

What message are you communicating through your latest perfume? A message of love, passion and sensuality.

Why have you been so away from fashion design and how do you spend your day? Fashion is only on “stand by” period: I recently created a sunglasses and glasses collection already being sold in France.

You’re known to be a woman with vices, like most women, what are your worst contradictions? One day – I will climb the Himalayas with a back pack for a trek and another, I will organize a XVIII century theme party with enthusiastic friends.

The next day we headed to the factory in Chartres where all the Lolita Lempicka perfumes are born. It reminded me of how couture is made, so detailed, and every part of it is under control. This was a lovely experience and certainly very informative.

factory making

tala, dylan, aiisha

eiffel tower

Thank you Lolita Lempicka and the team behind her!



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I by Aiisha Fashion Show in Paris

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Anne-Solenne Hatte wears AIISHA

The beautiful French-Vietnamese actress Anne-Solenne Hatte was a grace to meet the last time I was in Paris for the Paris Fashion Week. She is kind, charismatic and genuinely beautiful. Above all, I adore her body type as she represents perfection with her real-woman slim yet rounded figure.

Anne-Solenne Hatte & Aiisha Ramadan

She has recently starred in a video clip of a song called Pauline by French singer Mat. In this video clip, she wore a beautiful AIISHA dress. Watching this video was like seeing my design from sketch to fantasy embedding all the beautiful details that I dreamt of while designing this piece and summarizing those moments by a vision that only Anne-Solenne can show to the world as she sways on the French coast.

Anne-Solenne Hatte wears AIISHA

Anne-Solenne Hatte wears AIISHA

Anne-Solenne Hatte wears AIISHA

Anne-Solenne Hatte wears AIISHA

Anne-Solenne Hatte starred in a few hit movies such as Ocean’s Twelve and Lockout. She also appears in several ads for leading brands such as Cartier and Levis.

Anne-Solenne Hatte by Gilles Marie Zimmermann

Love you Anne-Solenne and thank you for choosing AIISHA!


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AIISHA SS12 – Video Campaign!

A little project that had been on my mind for over 2 years has been put together with all the passion in my heart and has just been released publicly for everyone to watch.

The idea behind this project was to go beyond the norm in introducing our collection, instead of releasing a lookbook for few to see, we decided to take our work viral and reach for everyone. That’s the idea behind this short romantic video.

Watch our first ever AIISHA Fashion Campaign of our Spring/ Summer 2012 collection “Le Pouvoir de la Poudre” featuring Tala Samman as the face of AIISHA for this season.

 Special thanks to a group of amazing people, some mentioned in the credits, some remain anonymous. Thank you each and everyone of you for making this possible! I hope you like it!

The Team, the spinal cord:

Tala Samman for AIISHA S/S12

Tala Samman: When I think about fashion, bloggers, Middle East, beautiful girls, Tala Samman is the first on the my list. However, what I couldn’t get over after working with her was how polite, elegant and refined she is. She’s truly a delight to work with. She knows what works for her and is a professional in every sense of the word. Above all, she fell in love with the collection and is a long-time supporter.

Harry Santa-Olalla: Is a famous and a handsome face in Dubai and he just happens to be real fun on set! He’s a breath of fresh air and I had the pleasure of working with him.

Rupert Chesman: My favorite filmmaker ever! My supporter.. my friend, the man who always makes me proud!

Kirsty Jones: Our editor and the person who keeps smiling! Amazing human being!

Hamza Attar: By far one of the best photographers I have ever worked with! He is a raw talent. All photos were taken by him.

Samira Olfat: You know, I love her, I swear by her! One of the very best I’ve ever worked with.

Khaled Kahel: He understand hair and he simply styles it at its best! He’s my personal hair stylist and he is one of my top 2 favorite hairstylists in the world!

Cottage Chic: If I could, I’d live in Cottage Chic! Its home, its vintage, its class, elegance, beauty, warmth, luxury.. its your ultimate dream home if you’re into vintage. The cooperative staff from Cottage Chic was beyond impressive! They made our shooting feel effortless! You can visit Cottage Chic on JBR, Dubai.

Maison Sucre: We had a 100 delicious colored cupcakes from Maison Sucre and it was intensely difficult to keep our hands off of them during the shooting. After the shooting, they were all gone!

Milk & Honey: I’m addicted to shopping from Milk & Honey! I love its products and above all its  interior. Visit it on The Palm Island Jumeirah, Dubai.

Al Hai Motors and Chrome Automobiles: Did you see this Lincoln Continental 1955 we had in the video? It was a show stopper in every photo, during the shooting, with the models.. it was everything!

Oceans Advertising: Every detail had someone to take care of it! Oceans Advertising took care of the branded AIISHA boxes that were meticulously produced in a very short time frame.

Elena Gramatica & Annabelle Wilkins from MS&L PR Dubai: These 2 ladies had a passion for this project to fill a palace! They worked with me on every detail from the flowers to Tala to the beautiful coverage we got starting off by Harper’s Bazaar and Savoir Flair. They were my eyes and ears, they were my support and the key people who made this possible!

Rached Hachoui: The devil’s advocate as he calls himself! Precise yet a perfectionist! Our producer and eternal partner

Maha Barada, Victoria Lelandais, Tarik Batal, Imad Bassil, Yasmine Ambre: Thank you for your support, your inspiration, and unconditional love!

Parov Stelar – Powder: I sketched most of my collection while listening to this track. It was only common sense to use it and to fall in love over and over with beauty and life while listening to it. Thank you for making such great music!

Special Thanks to June Ambrose for letting us use her personal turban making the beach scene epic! It was passion, fashion, trend, attitude, love and everything..

It has been an amazing experience that I couldn’t have done without the support of many people.


Dubai: FROST Boutique, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai – UAE

Paris: Espace Createurs Luxe Junlon, Galeries Royale, 9 rue Royale, Paris- France

Rest of the world: Contact us for custom-made


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AIISHA S/S 2012 in Paris

Aiisha White Dress

I have the pleasure to announce that our AIISHA S/S 2012 Couture collection Le Pouvoir De La Poudre will be presented in Paris for buyers to view from the 20th January until the 15th of February. The presentation coincides with the Paris Fashion Week as I’ll be there not only to meet buyers, but also to watch my favorite fashion shows like Elie Saab, Stephane Roland and George Hobeika.

Viewing our collection is by appointment only. Kindly contact us for appointments.

Contact details:

Twitter: @aiisharamadan

Email: Aiisha

This collection has participated in the latest edition of New Zealand’s Next Top Model, Ariel 3D fashion show that was hosted by June Ambrose, and will soon appear in a campaign that I can’t wait to share with the whole world. Check out more designs from our collection. Its romantic bold and simply beautiful.

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AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

Aiisha Ramadan walks the KFW runway

I had the pleasure to be invited to the Kazakhstan Fashion Week and without any hesitation I accepted the invitation. For one, women from Kazakhstan are some of the most beautiful ones in the world who adore fashion and actually appreciate it. Secondly, after consideration, we accepted the invitation especially that Kazakhstan is becoming a fashion destination. Finally, I wanted to try a place that not many people have tried. I like to be a pioneer in discovering places hungry for creativity and art. My expectations were exceeded a million times. The professionalism and reception that my team and I were welcomed with were beyond any experience I have ever had. The passion that everybody showed to the Kazakhstan Fashion Week, from the organizers, to the models to our personal assistants was by all measures something I will cherish for life and learn from everyday.

I showcased my latest collection Le Pouvoir de la Poudre, the dearest collection to my heart by far for the first time in full officially at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week. This collection is essentially inspired by powder visions I saw on the beaches of the Côte d’Azur. Tones that I breathed in the air of Paris. In short, I put my heart in this collection and whether you like it or not, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the work I put in it. Did I mention that it snowed for the first time on the day of my fashion show? About a month earlier than anticipated..

We had a 3-day-exhibition where we met with buyers, a press conference and my show was the second day’s Finale.

For my show, I had a casting for nearly 200 professional models, of which I chose 24 gorgeous girls that represented a variety of looks. I presented about 35 looks leaving out some of the structured pieces, which I will post separately.

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

The music my husband chose, left people talking about it. Here’s the full list:

Parov Stelar
Scratch Massive
Miguel Migs
Fantasize The Love
Gare Du Nord
The James Taylor Quartet
Nightcall (Feat. Lovefoxxx)
On S’En Fou
Chocolate Distance
Marko Bokun
Dita Dimone
Pop Levi
And for the Outro we chose an Intro, how convenient  
Intro – The xx

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

AIISHA at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

The part I mostly enjoyed was the choreography. I placed about 5 white lounge chairs on the beginning of the rectangular shaped 63 meters catwalk and had each model who didn’t have to change her outfit sit at or stand by the chair. By the end of the show, I had a perfect vision of princesses or mermaids, whatever you wanna call them, shaping the most perfect tableau. I swear that as I was doing my turn with Tunisian super model Faten and as I was approaching the girls seated as choreographed, I felt a thrill from the perfect vision I saw.

AIISHA Finale at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

This was my tableau, these were my girls so proud of wearing my collection, looking so perfect in every way.

My show had about 700 people turn up, people who didn’t know me, but they came to see what a UAE based designer would bring to the table. I heard the clapping throughout the show and I saw the excitement on people’s faces as I walked the runway barefoot to greet them. In short, it was a success!

I want to thank the entire team of the Kazakhstan Fashion Week and the great city of Almaty for making this a memorable experience to us.

In Dubai, this collection is Exclusively stocked at FROST boutique in Palmstrip Center, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai – UAE.

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Paris Fashion Week – Elie Saab 2011

In the spirit of the Paris Fashion Week, and although its long over due, I wanted to share my experience at the Elie Saab fashion show at the Trocadero, Paris end of January 2011.

Catwalk before the start of the show

It was typical Elie Saab style with emphasis on the waist and an introduction to a interesting color palette such as deep lipstick red, dove grey inspired by the almond flower white, light peach.

Below are some of my favorite pieces

Here is some of what I captured from the backstage (so much tension)!

Elie Saab (Backstage)

Lili Ji, Aiisha & Lela Rose


Magdalena Frackowiak and Aiisha

Celebrities from the Middle East were heavily present. Nancy Ajram, pregnant at the time, Elissa, Youssra and Mohieb Dahabieh were some of the invitees.





After the show, I was invited to dinner at Elie Saab’s fashion house, where all the celebrities were, Vogue and editors. However, the highlight of my night was bumping into Cameron Diaz and later on Stephan Roland





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Aiisha in Grazia Magazine.. The birth of a new project

Just before I left to Paris 6 weeks ago, Grazia Magazine supplied me amongst few other designers with a straight forward Little Black Dress from H&M worth 49 Dhs (13 USD) to transform for under 100 Dhs (27 USD) worth of materials.

I love changing existing designs. Since I was young, I used to get basic garments such as a denim pair of jeans and have it altered to fit me and my out of proportion hips. I also love playing around with my dresses, adding trims to them and maneuvering their lengths.

I had about 1 week to get the work done just before I left and get the photoshoot done with me wearing the dress.

I split my my thinking into 3:

– What suits Aiisha’s rounded figure

– Material used has to be under 100 Dhs (27 USD)

– The work I’ll propose shouldn’t take more than 5 days.

I hated the neckline of the given black dress. It was rounded in a funny way where it was neither revealing nor high and elegant, so I changed it. I added some tulle flowers with pearls and black crystals from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to accentuate my shoulders. Finally, I draped a piece of black jersey around the lower hips in order to make my waist appear smaller. I kept it short from the front to show more of my Manolo’s. I generally went for the rock chic appeal and it rocked!

Before and After…

The Little Black Dress BEFORE and AFTER..

Front and Back after makeover

My days were crazy as I was on my way to attending the Paris Fashion Week and my entire schedule for the past few weeks was jammed. My makeup prior the photoshoot took literally 20 minutes and my hair took a similar time and looked so beautiful and fresh. I used my Braun Satin Hair 7 Airstyler with IONTEC. You remember my Braun brush with the IONTEC technology? It’s basically my every day brush to make my hair healthier. Braun answered my prayers and made a styling brush with the same technology.

It releases heat in a gentle way. Whereas in most of the salons, I have to constantly ask the hair stylist to keep the blow dryer away from my hair as it kills it. On the other hand, my new favorite Braun gadget provides me style and care at home in less than half an hour!

Here’s Grazia photoshoot results:

LBD project by Grazia Magazine ME 1

LBD project by Grazia Magazine ME 2

Thank you Grazia for the beautiful shoot (especially Elaine Greenshields) & thank you Braun for taking care of my hair!

On a separate note, I’ve been thinking for a very long time to dedicate part of a my blog for the dress makeover project where you may send me your used or, preferably, new clothes along with your budget to change them for you. The changes may be major or minor.

Its still an idea as I’m very busy and my atelier is usually over swamped. Having said that, I’d like to give it a try. So feel free to contact me anytime you’d like to experiment with your clothes.

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South France and Paris – Part 3

Since I plan to visit Paris in January 2011 during the Paris Fashion Week, I thought that I should post the last post of my series about my summer trip to South of France and Paris.

It’s highly agreed on that fashion was born in the French capital Paris. When thinking about the International brands in the Fashion world, its Dior and Chanel top the list and indeed they are carved in the French presence. I don’t exaggerate when I say that there’s a woman with an LV or an Hermes every 5 meters. Whether in a sunny Nice or in the aristocratic Monaco or the stylish Paris, fashion floats on the roads and is the air that people breathe.

To buy the blush version of an LV Alma, I had to reserve the only remaining piece in France from Monaco 2 weeks before I reached Paris.

Louis Vuitton Alma - Blush

As for the Lancel – Brigitte Bordeaux edition, I fell in love with it from the moment I saw it. So I requested it in cream with gold before I left Paris and I felt a great joy when I received it in Dubai.

Lancel window display in Paris

Lancel Brigitte Bardot Edition

In St Tropez I had 2 special moments besides any others. The first was when I saw a lady wearing one of my dresses from the Valentine collection that sold at Galeries Lafayette Dubai. The second was when I visited one of my friends at her home in St Tropez. I was greeted by her daughter, Noor, wearing a dress that I made for her.

Noor, the first young girl to wear an Aiisha dress

Normally I do not design for children, but this child specifically wanted to look like her stylish mother, so I made them the same design for each. Noor also has a beautiful taste and we seem to always agree on the colors. Recently in December, I made her birthday dress with the theme being “Princess”. Needless to say how gorgeous she looked and always looks.

Brigitte Bardot ballerina dresses

I loved that in France International brands and local brands can be found to satisfy the different tastes and budgets. However, some people still live in the la la land where logic is not part of their dictionary. For example, in Nice when while wandering the Antique market on a Saturday, one of the sellers was displaying a used Hermes paper bag for 24 euros. Until this moment I could not understand what was going on that lady’s head and what were her sales expectations.

My favorite part was shopping for couture fabrics from Nice. It was a beautiful experience and everytime I’m in a fabric store, I feel like Alice in Wonderland!

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