Aiisha in FACES Campaign

In a one of its kind campaign in the Arab world, FACES, the perfume and cosmetics store, chose me as one of nine women reflecting the passion and beauty.

Aiisha-Ramadan for FACES

In my opinion, beauty eases our lives, but it is not a criteria for true and lasting success. Success requires a lot of passion and faith in our principles and sleepless nights. True happiness lies in giving our best and being content with what we have. Do not let competition lure you away from your role real. Neither should you take competition lightly. Always balance.

Like I said, I was one of 9 amazing women who are stars in their own fields, such as beauty expert Samira Olfat, car racer Nahla Al Rostamani and brilliant filmmaker Nayla Al Khaja

Samira-Olfat for FACES

Nayla-Al-Khaja for FACES

My life without passion is like my heart with no pulse.
Thanks to Charney Magri for these beautiful photographs and a BIG THANK YOU to FACES for supporting real and lasting beauty, the beauty of the soul.

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Aiisha & FLAKE – Part 2

The second part of my project with Flake was a moving picture of how I let myself go in a moment of complete happiness and freedom. It was based on a story that I wrote in high school and scored a A+ for it. Never in my life did I imagine that one day I’ll get to live this story and share it with others. The video also includes a detailed explanation for how to get on with creating your mood board in case you weren’t familiar with what a mood board is. Furthermore, it clarifies that your mood board should be inspired by Flake reflecting a lifestyle and may include anything you want on it. I’ll be selecting the winner, who will see her story come to life in a fashion photo shoot for Flake. Visit Flake Arabia to enter the competition. If you win, you get to style a fashion photo shoot exclusively with me, using your mood bard as the inspiration. The photos will then be published in a leading Pan Arab magazine!

The deadline to enter the competition is end of May.

A special thanks to Flake, Rupert Chesman, Hamza El Attar, Samira Olfat, and Khaled Kahel for the beautiful work they all did!

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Aiisha – Ambassador for WELLA!

For as long as I can remember people around and kids at school loved my hair, which made me feel that my hair is my tiara. So I took good care of it and I only used the best products around. When WELLA approached me to become the ambassador of their WELLA Koleston Color-Intense Foam range, I was thrilled! It felt like a childhood dream came true, without even asking for it.

AIISHA for WELLA Koleston Color-Intense Foam

Attached are the press releases and photos of my before and after photos as I used a beautiful chocolate Medium Ash Blonde color 7/1 and I couldn’t be happier with my hair. This range was a perfect match for me because its suitable for practical women who don’t have much time for the hair coloring process and especially to clean the dye’s mess. With WELLA Koleston Color-Intense Foam, you have one less mess to worry about!
We’ve posted 4 looks combining my latest creations with 4 different hair shades using WELLA Koleston Color-Intense Foam on Sayidaty online Magazine. Vote for your favorite look and win some jewelry! Click on Sayidaty and vote!
First Look:
Second Look:
Third Look:
Fourth Look:

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AIISHA SS12 – Video Campaign!

A little project that had been on my mind for over 2 years has been put together with all the passion in my heart and has just been released publicly for everyone to watch.

The idea behind this project was to go beyond the norm in introducing our collection, instead of releasing a lookbook for few to see, we decided to take our work viral and reach for everyone. That’s the idea behind this short romantic video.

Watch our first ever AIISHA Fashion Campaign of our Spring/ Summer 2012 collection “Le Pouvoir de la Poudre” featuring Tala Samman as the face of AIISHA for this season.

 Special thanks to a group of amazing people, some mentioned in the credits, some remain anonymous. Thank you each and everyone of you for making this possible! I hope you like it!

The Team, the spinal cord:

Tala Samman for AIISHA S/S12

Tala Samman: When I think about fashion, bloggers, Middle East, beautiful girls, Tala Samman is the first on the my list. However, what I couldn’t get over after working with her was how polite, elegant and refined she is. She’s truly a delight to work with. She knows what works for her and is a professional in every sense of the word. Above all, she fell in love with the collection and is a long-time supporter.

Harry Santa-Olalla: Is a famous and a handsome face in Dubai and he just happens to be real fun on set! He’s a breath of fresh air and I had the pleasure of working with him.

Rupert Chesman: My favorite filmmaker ever! My supporter.. my friend, the man who always makes me proud!

Kirsty Jones: Our editor and the person who keeps smiling! Amazing human being!

Hamza Attar: By far one of the best photographers I have ever worked with! He is a raw talent. All photos were taken by him.

Samira Olfat: You know, I love her, I swear by her! One of the very best I’ve ever worked with.

Khaled Kahel: He understand hair and he simply styles it at its best! He’s my personal hair stylist and he is one of my top 2 favorite hairstylists in the world!

Cottage Chic: If I could, I’d live in Cottage Chic! Its home, its vintage, its class, elegance, beauty, warmth, luxury.. its your ultimate dream home if you’re into vintage. The cooperative staff from Cottage Chic was beyond impressive! They made our shooting feel effortless! You can visit Cottage Chic on JBR, Dubai.

Maison Sucre: We had a 100 delicious colored cupcakes from Maison Sucre and it was intensely difficult to keep our hands off of them during the shooting. After the shooting, they were all gone!

Milk & Honey: I’m addicted to shopping from Milk & Honey! I love its products and above all its  interior. Visit it on The Palm Island Jumeirah, Dubai.

Al Hai Motors and Chrome Automobiles: Did you see this Lincoln Continental 1955 we had in the video? It was a show stopper in every photo, during the shooting, with the models.. it was everything!

Oceans Advertising: Every detail had someone to take care of it! Oceans Advertising took care of the branded AIISHA boxes that were meticulously produced in a very short time frame.

Elena Gramatica & Annabelle Wilkins from MS&L PR Dubai: These 2 ladies had a passion for this project to fill a palace! They worked with me on every detail from the flowers to Tala to the beautiful coverage we got starting off by Harper’s Bazaar and Savoir Flair. They were my eyes and ears, they were my support and the key people who made this possible!

Rached Hachoui: The devil’s advocate as he calls himself! Precise yet a perfectionist! Our producer and eternal partner

Maha Barada, Victoria Lelandais, Tarik Batal, Imad Bassil, Yasmine Ambre: Thank you for your support, your inspiration, and unconditional love!

Parov Stelar – Powder: I sketched most of my collection while listening to this track. It was only common sense to use it and to fall in love over and over with beauty and life while listening to it. Thank you for making such great music!

Special Thanks to June Ambrose for letting us use her personal turban making the beach scene epic! It was passion, fashion, trend, attitude, love and everything..

It has been an amazing experience that I couldn’t have done without the support of many people.


Dubai: FROST Boutique, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai – UAE

Paris: Espace Createurs Luxe Junlon, Galeries Royale, 9 rue Royale, Paris- France

Rest of the world: Contact us for custom-made


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Lebanese Singer YARA wears AIISHA

Seeing famous singer Yara wearing our own AIISHA dress from our latest collection Le Pouvoir de la Poudre was a beautiful result to meeting Yara herself and styling her with few of our pieces.

Yara wears AIISHA for Braun

Yara is a famous Lebanese singer known for her beautiful voice, classiness and her beautiful way of singing the Khaleeji accent. When you listen to her, you get addicted to her sweet and perfect voice.

Yara wears AIISHA for Braun

Below Yara wears AIISHA on the cover of top magazine Kul Al Usra.

Singer Yara wears AIISHA

As she became the face of Braun and came to Dubai to meet the press, we styled Yara in a few outfits that fit her like a glove and complimented her personality. Yara is well known for being more conservative than many other singers and she truly is a Class symbol!

Yara also looked flawless in this AIISHA champaign kaftan – available at Studio 8

Yara wears an AIISHA kaftan

Yara lands her second cover, Ara Magazine, wearing AIISHA! Her makeup looked beautifuly done by Samira Olfat and her hair was beautifully styled by Khaled Kahel and Massimiliano Luca using Braun Satin Hair 7 Curler.

Singer Yara wearins AIISHA

In Dubai, UAE, this collection is available exclusively in Dubai at Frost Boutique, Palmstrip Center, Jumeirah Beach Road. The Kaftan is from Kaftan collection at Studio 8, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai – UAE
This is one of my favorite songs for Yara:
Thank you Yara for looking like a piece of art in our AIISHA collection!
Photographs by Atiye R from ATTITUDE

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Makeup Heaven Maker!

Like most girls, I love makeup but I don’t overdo it. My recently discovered signature look is an eye lifting eyeliner and a bronze skin. As for my lips, depending on the season and the mood, I can go really bold using Red/ Orange, else nude lips.

I took my makeup application skills up a notch after working on my fashion shows several times with Samira Olfat, who I later on labeled as my absolute favorite Makeup Artist! Samira is an artist. In her mind, our faces are like blank canvases and she likes to paint on them. When she was young, she used her permanent markers to paint on her dolls faces! She looks at our faces, and imagines them with makeup on and she follows that image she created. This is probably the reason why she is faster than others.

Samira Olfat

Samira Olfat

Samira is so devoted that she never gets tired of research, courses and discovering new techniques. She is after all the official Makeup artist for Max Facter Middle East.

I asked her for some advise and she led me into some amazing secrets in the makeup Heaven!

As an average woman, I always wonder if we should be using the concealer before the foundation or the other way around. Which is first?

If you are using pen stick concealer, apply it before foundation. If its liquid, apply it on top of foundation. However, if you are applying dark eye shadow on your eyes, no matter what type of concealer it is, apply it after you’re done with your eye makeup.
Don’t forget to choose the right shade for your concealer or instead of concealing your flows it will enhance your problem areas! It should be just one shade lighter than your foundation.

– Which brands and types do you advise women in general for Foundation, Concealer, Eyeliner and Mascara?

People have different skin types and obviously it’s impossible to recommend one product for very one. Generally, for foundation and concealer look for those with natural ingredients such as sheer butter, mango butter, cucumber water, rose hip plus SPF.

For Mascara I love the one from MAX FACTOR MASTER PIECE MAX. The brush is IFX and prevents the eyelashes from sticking together and at the same time will cover all the eyelashes. For a more dramatic effect apply 2 coats of mascara!

My favorite eyeliner is Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, It won’t smudge or peel off.

– How can we stop a red lipstick from bleeding (or expanding beyond the lip liner)?

To apply Red lipstick or any darker color, always apply bit of concealer or foundation all over the lips then draw the lip liner, which works as a border so the lipstick won’t run, plus fill inside your lips with the lip liner to make your lipstick last longer. Apply the lipstick with the lip brush to get the pigment will go inside all the small lines in the lips so the color won’t go even with drinking and eating. Dab a tissue on your lips to get ride of excess oil and reapply the lipstick again.try to avoid the gloss as it will make the lipstick fade out quickly but if you really want to have glossy lips, just apply small amount of gloss in the middle of upper and bottom lips but not in the corner.

Should the lipstick always match the dress color?

Matching the makeup with the clothes it always depend on the trend of the season!
I personally like to match my lipstick color with my shoes, my bag or my nail polish but not my dress!

– When a woman has to wear makeup for a long time, how can she refresh her face without adding too many layers or ruining the look?

I’m a big fan of blot pad, which is getting away the excess shine on my face in order for me not to end up with many layers of powder on my face. At the same time, I always reapply the black pencil inside my eyes and clean up the inner corners of my eyes as well as reapplying my lip gloss.

 – So where do you aspire to be in few years from now?

I’m working on opening my own makeup school in Dubai within the next two months and I’m hoping to franchise it in GCC within the next five years as I love spreading beauty! At the same time I love doing charity work whereby I can teach makeup to women having a difficult time taking care of their families and trying to find a career.

– When a client tells you what she wants, do you do what she wants no matter what?  

I always try to tell the client what’s the best for her, but at the same time I listen to what she wants and at the end I create a look which will make her and me happy with the result!

– How do you feel about the exaggerated colorful makeup we see in parts of the Middle East?

I love colors in makeup, I believe if its applied in a right way it will look gorgeous!
However, sometimes I see a disaster and I wish I could go up to them, clean their faces and do what’s best for them!

To learn from and know about Samira Olfat, follow her blog and her Facebook Group: fabprofashional

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“A Love Affair” Photoshoot at Galeries Lafayette

As part of our presence at Galeries Lafayette, we conducted a photoshoot on site.

It attracted many people who were mesmerized by the photo techniques used, or was it just the beautiful model?

Butterfly Dynamite

Like a Butterfly

Monroe Style

Monroe Remixed

Lite as Feather

Lite as Feather

Elegantly Wasted

Elegantly Wasted

Orange Crush

Orange Crush

Credits goes to:

“A Love Affair” – Collection

Aiisha Ramadan – Designer

Callaghan Walsh – Photographer

Yi Li – Model

Samira Olfat – Makeup Artist (Max Factor)

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