I by Aiisha – SS14 Primrose Path

While each person sees beauty in their own way, I see it in the surface of water and listen to it in the sound of wind hitting the tree branches. I take real pleasure in staring at human’s pupil and compare its beauty to a land with lines of rivers and mountains. I appreciate the complex process that results in a experiment of different colors.










This collection embraces the Primrose Path of everything beautiful I see, feel and breathe.

Like a movie in my head, I saw the high contrast of colors, characters experimenting with their bodies, one’s side and


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Brittany Snow wears AIISHA

In one of her latest editorial shoots with Zooey Magazine, Brittany Snow wore an AIISHA dress with a modern take, which I have personally loved.

Brittany Snow is a well known Hollywood Actress known for her roles in “John Tucker Must Die”, “Hairspray” and “Pitch Perfect,” which will be coming out later this month with Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson.

Zooey is a chic magazine dedicated to the chic and intelligent women of the modern world. This magazine is the contemporary avenue that seeks to inspire readers everywhere to do and be the incredible through the channel of entertainment. Zooey’s … Read more...

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Lebanese Singer YARA wears AIISHA

Seeing famous singer Yara wearing our own AIISHA dress from our latest collection Le Pouvoir de la Poudre was a beautiful result to meeting Yara herself and styling her with few of our pieces.

Yara wears AIISHA for Braun

Yara is a famous Lebanese singer known for her beautiful voice, classiness and her beautiful way of singing the Khaleeji accent. When you listen to her, you get addicted to her sweet and perfect voice.

Yara wears AIISHA for Braun

Below Yara wears AIISHA on the cover of top magazine Kul Al Usra.

Singer Yara wears AIISHA

As she became the …

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