Grand Hotel Tremezzo.. where one falls in love

Grand Hotel Tremezzo – Falling in love with Como

My affection for Italy is no secret to the world. While France inspires my designs, Italy inspires my existence. Perhaps the fact that both Lebanon and Italy share a Mediterranean line brings our cultures a notch closer.

aiisha ramadan grand hotel tremezzo aiisha ramadan grand hotel tremezzo

​I can’t define my love for Italy in one word. Its the food, the people, the fashion, the culture, the walls, nature, beaches.. it’s a whole life. While I try to explore as much as possible from Italy on every visit, I’ve been repeatedly visiting Lake Como as I’ve become passionate about it.

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Following Chiang Mai and Chiang Ria, my trip was concluded in Bangkok where I reunited with the 6 bloggers; presenter Shereen Mitwalli, fashion and beauty bloggers Laura Badura and Sheida, food bloggerKaren McLean, Fashion blogger Teresa, and beauty blogger Najla Kaddoura.

Our first stop was at the Siam Center where we were greeted with stunning hand arranged flowers and the Siam Piwat team. If you love fashion, you have to visit this mall as you’ll find some of the best Thai fashion designers/ brands under one roof all supported by the government to fulfil their dreams. They had beautiful designs … Read more...

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After what felt like a month out of town, I have finally returned back home from an 8-day incredibly packed trip in the amazing Thailand where I was invited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand along with 6 gorgeous ladies to discover Thailand, a country of heritage, culture and natural beauty.

When one says “Thailand”, the first thing I imagine is a smile. It is not just a country that excels at hospitality, but I believe that its women occupy some of the most graceful manners in our modern times. At least, this is what I felt in the north … Read more...

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Elham Qasimi – One person, One dream

Born in 1982, Elham Al-Qasimi aimed and reached.

In April 2010, Elham was the first Arab woman to set foot at the northernmost tip of the world, the North Pole. Her determination, courage and elegance are some of her many assets. My husband had the chance to hear her speak at Tedx Dubai 2010 and was very impressed. Those who know my husband, know how difficult it is to impress him. I’ll let you hear her speak for herself, it will tell you everything my words can’t describe. She just makes me and about a million others proud and inspired.… Read more...

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South France and Paris – Part 1

The last time I visited France was in 2003. I was alone and I didn’t speak any French. I still don’t speak French but I have a husband who does and that came in handy when we decided to spend our summer  in South of France and Paris.

Now that was a completely different experience..

It was this trip that changed my point of view about life, love, fashion and made the idea of “relaxing” sink in to the bottom of my ocean.

In France (specifically South France), you learn that you should relax, eat and love to live. You … Read more...

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