Simone Heng wears Aiisha for Pink Pepper

4 words:

She made me proud!

When you meet Simone Heng after speaking to her on the phone, you smile immediately. Her voice is bigger than her petite figure. Her beauty is pure. Her personality is embraced by her honesty and the positive vibes she brings to any place she steps into.

Simone is a Radio and TV presenter and previously a model.

When it comes to Simone’s style, its sexy funky. Long dresses may drag her down if they didn’t come in smartly assorted colors and with minimum volume. However, short dresses pay her a tribute. She can wear … Read more...

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M for My first and only Manolo…

As you know, we’ve had one of the finest collaborations with the living legend Manolo Blahnik during our previous collection, Love Affair. Needless to say that posing next to Manolo was a moment to cherish as I made sure I scanned him from his bow tie down to his fuchsia shoes. As I always tell the sales person at any shoe boutique- I have no need of a particular shoe color or style. I have a need of a shoe. Period.

Photo shoot (Victoria Casal, Manolo Blahnik, Aiisha Ramadan)

So among few other styles I got, specifically 1 crazy … Read more...

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The Perfect Proposal…

Love Affair by Aiisha and Victoria Casal

Several days ago, I heard from one of my clients that instead of a diamond ring, a man proposed to his wife with an Aiisha dress from the Love Affair collection.. The bride said yes of course. Its such a great feeling when you realize that your work can play a big role in people’s lives.. one way or another. I hope its always going to be a positive influence.

That was a first for me!

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The Team Behind The Love Affair

This by far is the longest post that this site has so far, and its there to thank every individual who has provided us with support and has been a part of this great success. So I list them at no particular order.

A Love Affair
A Love Affair


Stefan Cebula, an amazing human being. You look at him and you realize that everything will be alright. Building the stage on ice, hanging himself from the rooftop, taking care of every (production) aspect was never an easy job. Stef has produced Valentino shows and The World Summit in Johannesburg among many Read more...

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A Love Affair Collection Preview Video

Preview Video of “A Love Affair” collection in glorious HD


Aiisha Ramadan – Fashion Designs

Victoria Casal – Jewelery Designs

Manolo Blahnik – Shoes

All 4 Media – Video Production

Parov Stellar – Hurt – Soundtrack

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