Paris Fashion Week 2011 – George Hobeika

George Hobeika fashion show also took place at the Palais Tokyo in Paris. I love going backstage to see the clothes up close, so I did. When I met George, I asked him you seem nervous. He said he is and his publicist told me that George is always a nerve wreck before his shows.

It was very different from what Lebanon designers are used to showing us. It had very minimum beading, very flowy lines, some eccentric ideas and a general pale feeling to the colors. This is where I think he got it wrong. In the end its … Read more...

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Rima.. Beirut’s Bride

Those who know me, know that I’m not a fan of big weddings. For me, the perfect wedding is that where I have around me those I love dearly and love me back. The perfect wedding is not about the loud music and sweating from dancing. Its about sharing a beautiful moment with your sober husband in a sober crowd and having good food that won’t be thrown away. But that’s just me.

Rima’s.. Like a flower

The title of her email was: Thanks Aiisha, it was all about the dress!!

When I saw the pictures, I understood. I was … Read more...

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