Fashion Weeks, Designers, and myself in Dubai (Thoughts)

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I’ve been living in Dubai for the most of my life. I don’t know any other home. As a young girl who likes fashion, I’ve seen the fashion scene in Dubai mature and become more cosmopolitan. It’s almost well known that Dubai lacks a clear identity in terms of its fashion mood, yet it brings onto the table so much to look up to. Is it conservative? Modern, Funky, Classic, High-End, Ready-to-Wear or Couture oriented? Is it for very well established designers or emerging talents? Because the quality is immensely different.

That is especially clear at the internationally acclaimed Dubai Fashion Week where you see several designers with contrasting views towards fashion and the market needs. It’s not a Prêt-àPorter show, it’s not a couture show. It’s not conservative; it’s a lot of things.

That, has so far been perceived as a negative thing, which in many ways it is. However, if the fashion organizers take a look at the fashion scenario from a different perspective, they can bring these varieties in the most amazing form.

If you go to Paris it’s because you enjoy and want to see couture at its best, with London, its funky street wear with an open minded creativity. There’s a clear identity and purpose of their fashion weeks. However, only Dubai has a variety of cultures, styles and serves more than 1 market. In the end, Dubai has a massive variety of population, tastes and cultures.

  • To bring together what we currently have in the fashion scene closer to the various markets and consumers in Dubai, there has to be standards set without bending.
  • There should never be a first come (pay) first serve to be listed at the fashion weeks. The screening process shouldn’t be conducted by an accountant.
  • There should be a big awareness campaign regarding the regionally based designers.
  • These designers should be able to get International level of training in Dubai.
  • All designers showcasing should have a theme to follow in each of their fashion shows.
  • Coherency is a must. Right now, the press pick up photos from each designer where its impossible to guess that both designs are for the same designer from the same show.
  • Professional models.
  • Professional Photography.
  • PR – PR – PR: Fairness to all designers participating. Once all have been accepted, all designers are supposed to get the maximum possible coverage. Or else, each would rather get his/her own sponsors and carry out their own shows solo with their PR working on their media coverage.
  • Bigger sponsor names.. come on, this is the image of Dubai which is FULL of big brands, if not the HOME of brands!
  • An International Fashion Designer/ Fashion House to be invited to showcase as the Grand Finale of the fashion week. Lets face it, what’s been offered is really not international. International is Dior, Donna Karen, Gucci.. Do I need to name them all??
  • International Press. After all of the above have been dealt with, invite few international editors. It will pay off well.

I live in Dubai, and I love it here.

As I saw the UAE growing into one of the most economically powerful and man-made countries to be proud of, in my field, I’d love to see faith in the designers around, high standards to be proud of and to have Vogue scheduling us on their calendar rather than us begging for the local newspapers to cover us. I know that we can make it, but first, we need to agree on what we want.

Did you know that Dubai is getting recognition as a Fashion City? We will cover that in another post.

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  1. Hi I am very interested in what you have to say about the Dubai fashion market…

    Are you a young designer based in Dubai yourself?

    I’m trying to collect information on the fashion market and trends in Dubai for a current undergraduate project and it would be of great help if I could ask you a few questions…


  2. Hello,

    I contact to you from Spain, and I would like to know if you can help me. I am looking for special dresses on type of Dubai stly.


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