My start with Valerie Campbell

In 2006, Valerie Campbell was the first lady residing outside the UAE to ever wear one of our dresses. The dress was auctioned for the benefit of a breast cancer hostpital in Cologne, Germany, via Christies.

Valerie Campbell, best known for her elegance and motherhood of Naomi Campbell, is like her daughter and son Pierre, a model, a balle dancer and a designer who worked in Italy for a while. She herself is a survivale of breast cancer and it amazes me how beautiful and strong she remains.

When Ms. Valerie wore the dress, she said and I quote “I will never forget the name Aiisha”. Her son Pierre assured her that “this is the most beautiful color she’d ever worn”.

Valerie Campbell & Suhaila Sinn wearing Aiisha Ramadan

To be able to give back to the society and to raise awareness is one of the most challenging things one could ever do as cliche as this may sound. I post this because this year is a lot about giving back. Its about time..

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