BodySmart – Follow up

As promised in a previous post, here’s an update half way through my Hypoxi and LPG courses by BodySmart body-shaping center in Dubai.

First of all, I have enjoyed every minute I’ve spent at BodySmart. I’m constantly accompanied by amazing ladies helping me out and encouraging me through each session. In a very friendly and happy environment with personalised services, I was sure I’ll receive great results.

However, I need to point out that if the main reason hindering greater weight loss results were is the fact that the enhancements of my eating habits are very minor (i.e: I avoided eating at very late hours and definitely committed to the no carbs within 4 hours from undergoing the Hypoxi treatment), other than that, not much has changed (a couple of days back I had a full porcini pizza for dinner!)

Below is how your plate should look like – in my case Lunch:


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TIME FRAME: 2.5 weeks (average 3 sessions per week)

WEIGHT LOST: 1.7 KG (I lost fats and gained muscles, perfect recipe but that doesn’t show on the scale)

MEASUREMENTS: I lost a total of 14cm lost (Example: Waist: 3cm, Hips: 3cm, Thigh: 2cm)

BODY LPG: Cellulite is starting to feel less stubborn

FACE LPG: That’s my favorite part as its almost like a facial that ignites the blood circulation in my face and gives it a fresh look

I have to say that I’m impressed with the results and looking forward to even better results by the end of our course.

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