I’m honored to take part of the Sound of Difference campaign by Philips Arabia. This campaign is a way to officially start my long life dream of fighting hunger around the world.

Yes I do realize that I’m just one person and not fully dedicated to this cause, but my intentions will give me the means to reach my goal in changing thousands and eventually millions of lives, one life at a time.

This is a competition between myself for Fighting Hunger (or Feeding the poor) and between 2 other incredible guys who have their own incredible causes, Ahmed Adly supporting orphans and Elias El Indari Prostrate Cancer.

The more you watch and share my video, the more votes that counts for me and all the money from this campaign raised by Philips Arabia would then be paid to a charity organization of my choice, or simply given to the end sources, like families in refugee camps around the world.

I count on your help and pray that you’ll assist me in fighting hunger where we have enough resources for 7 billion people, yet 800 million of whom suffer from hunger.

Thank you

Following the above post, my campaign did indeed generate the largest number of votes and I’m eternally grateful for the immense support that I’ve received. I can’t wait to draw smiles on people’s faces, one individual at a time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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