Giving back, a little girl’s dream

I always knew that I’m not the girl who was only born to be a fashion designer and would be handicapped if she didn’t get to do it. I was never incapable of performing excellently at other facets of life. I always knew I was smart enough to be at the top of my game in areas that interested me. While life kept me grounded, fashion was my fantasy.


Throughout my life, I always wondered what is my purpose in life? There are thousands of fashion designers, some seriously talented others have no idea what they’re doing, so where do I stand among the crowd?

I was and am well aware of my talent and worth. But what does that amount to when I leave this world? The question of what’s my life’s purpose remained unanswered.

All about my purpose in life – Giving back

I’ve always looked forward to becoming 33 years old where we portray our ultimate inner and outer beauty. On the 14th of January I turned 33 and little did I know that while I didn’t achieve all my materialistic dreams, I discovered one that I never thought I could ever find.

As a child, I always had creative ideas on how to help others. However, just like many other things in life, my “busy” life was overshadowed by what really mattered. until one day I was approached by Philips Sound of Arabia to participate in a charity campaign of my choice. I chose Ending Hunger and flew to Egypt where I lived 4 of the best days of my life with the Egyptian Food Bank. I had the opportunity to interact with people who survived on 35 USD a month or less and were still thankful.. genuinely thankful for everything they had!


I was astonished to say the least!

What have I been doing to myself and to this world buying more than I needed, spending more than I had, throwing food “left overs” and these beautiful souls took turns in eating. In a family of 7, the brothers ate 3 meals a week. Over the years, terrible decisions have been made by ordinary people wasting more than 40% of the Earth resources.

I came back home thankful for the roof on top of my head, the food on my table and the health I’ve been blessed with. The ironic part is that while we desire fancy cars, shoes, houses.. all an unwell person desires is health. All a hungry person desires is a piece of bread.


While I could choose to be blinded by the glory of the fashion design world, I can’t un-see what I’ve seen. I’m not the same person I used to be a year ago. This is where I realized that I didn’t choose Fashion Design. Fashion Design chose me in order to change millions of lives. This is my purpose in life. Giving back.

Inspired by the founder of the Regional Decent Banks, Dr. Moez Al Shohdi,  Talahum by Aiisha Ramadan was born.

To be Continued..


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