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It’s new year.

Its time to commit to a New Year resolution.

A chance for a new you. But why does it have to be on a new year that you decide to commit to a New Year resolution like losing weight or letting go of your anger? Why can’t these steps be taken in June or any other day? Our lives are like books with a beginning, ending, and few chapters in the middle. Even within the chapters, the book’s content moves from one topic to another. As humans, I believe that this is how we process our lives. Just like a book. So its a lot easier and better to start with another book, once you’re done with the one you’re currently reading.

2015 was the turning point in my life. After taking a long step back in the fashion industry to establish my re-branded label, I found myself. I also finally started loving being a mother after struggling to cop with this new and enormous role. Above all, I was lucky to win a competition with Philips Sound of Arabia where the money donated by the company would go to a charity organization of my choice. I’ll tell you more about this initiative in the next couple of weeks. What I didn’t expect is how this little competition changed my life, forever.

Since I was little, I had ideas on how to make the world a better place. The majority remained as ideas that would soon vanish if I didn’t materialize them into something tangible. Through the competition I won, all my dormant ideas woke up and are on stand by to be implemented. One idea at a time.

My New Year resolution

In short, my New Year resolution exceeds the time frame of 2016. It is my mission to change the lives of people, hopefully millions, one life at a time. Whether by spreading positive energy, making people feel better about themselves, ending hunger or dressing the needy, I am determined to leave this world better than I see it now.

I believe that every person has a role in their lives. Some are meant to be great lawyers, we need lawyers. Others are artists to transform their emotions to move ours. Some are meant to be parents, raise generations into incredible personalities. Some are philanthropists and are meant to make drastic changes. To each his purpose in this life.  I believe that I didn’t go into Fashion Design because I will invent an outfit you can’t live without. Just like my fashion brand, I embrace diversity and don’t care where you’re from or how you look. It is my vision to to make a life-changing contribution to every individual who encounters me or my brand.

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to take risks, learn from your mistakes, be present in the moments and don’t get carried away with your inner dialogue. Love and be loved. Adapt to change and accept let go of your grudges. Have a purpose. Spend this beautiful year identifying your purpose and getting it on track.

Be happy.

Happy New Year.


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