All about the launch of Talahum by Aiisha Ramadan and changing lives – In Arabic:

For my non-Arabic readers, here’s the story of Talahum by Aiisha Ramadan’s aim to changing lives.

Following the initiative I had with Philips Sound of Arabia on ending hunger, I signed up with the Egyptian Clothing Bank, a non profit organisation, and from there, Talahum by Aiisha Ramadan was born. While many projects are in progress, I’d like to tell you about a specific one that is dear to my heart and that is changing lives, I pray it will reach millions of lives.

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The real start of changing lives

My second project was a dream that Dr Moez Al Shohdi, founder of the Regional Clothing Bank, made come true. Ever since I started watching the Syrian refugees homeless in the snowy weather of the Mediterranean, I couldn’t comprehend how I can stay warm while helpless women, children and men would literally suffer until death from the lack of sufficient heating and basic warming clothes. Then one day I saw a video on an inspiring young woman called Veronica Scott, who initiated the empowerment plan by employing homeless women to produce coats that transform into sleeping bags and that would be donated to the homeless across the USA and Canada. Naturally, I fell in love with the idea instantly and knew it would save those refugees lives. That story became my dream.

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Since Dr. Moez’s favorite words are ‘Be greedy to help the more needy’, I took advantage of the fact that he saw no good deed as impossible. So he transformed my dream into reality in a matter of 3 weeks and this is where he showed me the first sample of our sleeping bag.


changing lives

This initiative coincided with my 33rd birthday in January, which I thought was the perfect event to share with my loved ones. The moment I shared this idea with Yves from The Farm restaurant in Al Barari, they were on board with all their generosity and love. All they cared about was to make this event happen and spread the word.

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The event was a marvelous success. I was truly blessed to see some of the most influential personalities such as actress Nesreen Tafish, presenters Lojain Omran, Mahira Abdelaziz, Olina El Hajj, Fadia Tawil, Mohamad Abu Obeid and Graziella Kamel and fashion figures such as Sheida Fashionista and Mimi Raad among many other beautiful hearts and dear friends.

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My partners who believed in changing lives

Thank you Asil Attar for planting the seed of giving in my subconscious; Dr. Moez, for inspiring me to make this place a better world.

My favorite makeup and cosmetic brand Shiseido, my most loved shoe brand Manolo Blahnik who launched their gold plated necklaces and Edifice watches, a high-end line from Casio for every modern professional, all were on board to support my cause. I couldn’t be more proud. My guests dined on delicious meal by The Farm while chilling on Desert Jazz incredible tunes led by Paul Moutarde on the saxophone.


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There are so many other people who may be categorized as behind the scene, but without them this entire event wouldn’t have been possible: Faraz Ahmed on the video (coming soon), Atef Ben Taleb (photographer), my publicist ThinkSmart for always believing in me, Rami Zaher from EmkanTech for setting up, Four Seasons Printing Press and The Farm staff for their incredible hospitality, my beautiful guests, media and family for their unlimited support.

I was running around like a headless chicken but never wanted this evening to end. Love was in the air.


For more information and for your donations:

Without you, each and every single one of you, this wouldn’t have been possible.

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