AIISHA on CNN, Inside the Middle East


I made it on CNN!

I was contacted by Jon Jensen, producer of Inside the Middle East on CNN, three times before the interview actually took place. The first phone call included extensive questions about me and my business. I later learned that those questions were asked to a list of 20-something other designers in the UAE. Based on the answers & the content, I was selected to be featured. I’m truly humbled by that and was extremely excited to see a part of my dream come true.

Watch my feature on CNN by copy/pasting the below link:


After shooting at my workshop, I was invited to sit down with international fashion designer Reem Acra to talk about fashion in the Middle East and specifically the UAE. We discussed the challenges I faced, where I see myself in sometime, and a lot of other interesting aspects.

A few years back, Ms. Acra met me for a consulting session where I left it with one tip that was to change my life and career moving forward:

Even if you had to go through 10 factories to get a specific cut or stitch right, do that. Don’t settle for anything less.

That advise shaped me, forever.

aiisha_ramadan_reem_acra aiisha_ramadan_reem_acra_team aiisha_ramadan_cnn

My team, Gale, Maha and I, with one of the nicest TV producers I’ve ever met. I’ve dealt with probably hundreds of TV producers and journalists throughout my career and I can tell the difference between a professional and someone who’s just trying to fill a slot on air. The questions they ask, the research they go through before meeting the interviewee, their energy during the interview, are all part of a successful recipe. Having said that, I believe that Jon Jensen is one of the best producers in the Middle East, to say the least. Having been interviewed by him is a true honor.

He asked me to remember him when my fame explodes to the rest of the world, I say the opposite. He’s someone destined for great things.


Above is a photo from my preparations at home the morning of my interview with the soldiers who make me look the way I do. Yes, end of the day its about what I have to say, but believe me, a huge part of my confidence on camera is derived from feeling great. And feeling great can be easily influenced by looking as great.


Excuse the poor lighting in the elevator, but I truly did look good in real life with my hair and makeup done by Laloge team at my house, John for my hair and pregnant Maira for my makeup. Big thank you to Reem Abou Samra for her generosity and professionalism. Thank you Nina Shibly for your ongoing support.

Thank you to my team, Maha Zeibak and Gale Fernandes as well as the anonymous people behind all the work you see coming to life under my name.

Finally, thank you Jon Jensen for believing in me and featuring me on CNN and of course to the beautiful Reem Acra, for taking the time to sit down and talk to me about what really matters in the world of fashion.

I am forever grateful.

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