REVIEW: Makeup Brushes

I’ve been recently obsessed with makeup brushes as they matter a huge deal when it comes to the outcome of our makeup and their delicacy on our faces. Below are 3 makeup brushes types/ brands that I’ve tested and loved for different reasons.


This is the perfect professional kit that is made of the best quality. Samira Olfat and I go way back, more than a decade. I’ve seen her evolve just like she’s seen me grow my fashion line. She’s applied makeup on pretty much every Arab or Hollywood celebrity that ever stepped into the borders of the UAE. I may be exaggerating, but she’s a true celebrity makeup artist. From Eva Longoria to Kendall Jenner, they’ve all been beautified by Samira.

So she knows a thing or a million about good makeup brushes. She produced her own set of 19 brushes under the name SO by Samira Olfat. What makes these brushes so special is that they are the result of the best you’ll ever buy from separate brands. They fibers, whether horse hair or synthetic, won’t fall off because they’re made of high quality. Their packaging is amazing. Its not only for professional makeup artists, but for every woman who cares about her face and whatever gets in contact with it.



Though they might not seem like your ideal makeup brushes set, they are extremely useful and actually do a pretty good job. I call them the perfect travel pack. Back in the summer of 2016, I was invited by Fun Nation to host few workshops in Abu Dhabi, one of them was on makeup where my official makeup artist Kaya Guerreiro took the participants by storm when she gave practical yet easy techniques for contouring. She then let all the participants practice what they learned, using Real Techniques brushes, on their friends. We all, including myself, did really well with the application and had very satisfying results. The brushes are so light to use and serve multiple purposes.contour-makeup-brushes

Above is a photo of the contouring application that I had applied using Real Techniques brushes on my model. I forgot to take a photo of the final result after blending the products but she looked so good that Kaya was truly impressed!


Here is an unusual set of makeup brushes produced by different labels such as MAC. I got them a while ago but neglected to use them as I was worried about my ability to handle them properly. However, the moment I got over my fear and applied my primer, foundation and concealer, I was stunned by the meticulous result. I mean, PERFECTION! I honestly have never been able to get such flawless and even coverage on my entire face. However, the downside to it is that I wasn’t really able to use the eye brushes. It was challenging for me to control them and needs some practice for non professionals, so for now, I use them for contouring only which serves really well.


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