Here are the elements for a successful 50s photoshoot

For my 50s photoshoot with Japanese cosmetic and makeup giant Shiseido, I chose few themes as a reflection to my multi-faceted personality. One of which was an elegant, bold and classic woman.

50s Makeup

This is where the team and I agreed that a 50s makeup will deliver exactly that. Shiseido makeup artist Sarah Khennouf focused on the eyeliner, long thick lashes using their latest mascara and beautiful red orange lip.

Products used for my 50s photoshoot:

·         Bk912 Eye Liner

·         BE213 Eye Shadow Palette

·         Eye Pencil Black…

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How to book Spa and Beauty appointments online!

book Spa and Beauty appointments with vaniday

How I used to book spa and beauty appointments

Like many other women, I used to contact my favorite hair salon or spa 3 to 4 weeks ahead of time to book my appointments and they are normally more than 15 KM away from me. But what if I need an appointment for tomorrow.. or for today? What if I’m very restricted with my location? This is where Vaniday application became my preferred way to book spa and beauty appointments online.

Vaniday is a Beauty Spot, a melting online point where some of your favorite spa and beauty salons can … Read more...

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Do body wraps for weight loss work?

I’m all up for trying anything to do with weight loss. So when The Nail Spa requested my review on their Shrinking Violet Wrap, I was intrigued.

The Nail Spa

Weight Loss in one day?

With 10 salons across the UAE, I visited their Dubai Mall branch, which was packed with clients and was greeted by their welcoming staff. My lovely therapist gave me a 90-minute Shrinking Violet Wrap treatment, which involved brushing my skin then applying on it a detoxifying oil. Afterwards, she wrapped my entire body with plastic that would generate heat. Meanwhile, she gave me the most comfortable foot and … Read more...

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A day with Shiseido

A day with Shiseido

Being a Shiseido girl means so much more to me than just representing the brand at events or talking about their products. For me, its a huge responsibility to honour Shiseido’s heritage in every way I could.

Then comes to fun part, the relaxing and pampering one, which Shiseido masters. In their experts hands you feel safe. In their Japanese experts hands, you feel safe and privileged to experience the brand’s heritage.

Shiseido Team

A day with Shiseido

I had a day with Shiseido where myself along with few other ladies I highly admire, such as Nayla Abdelnour and Natalia Shoestova, got … Read more...

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Aiisha Ramadan hair

Challenges that Joelle Mardinian and I face to keep our hair healthy

The knowledge of protecting our skin from the sun is a pretty common information. What’s interesting is that people don’t often consider the same advise when it comes to their hair and they wonder why it could become dry. UV rays can be very harsh on your hair as much as they are on your skin. Pair that with humidity and you get unpleasant dry and frizzy results increasing hair fall and even damaged hair roots.

I have been using Pantene Clinicare for my hair for years now … Read more...

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