7 amazing gift ideas for women!

gift ideas for women

There are few occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries, that have ‘gifts’ labeled all over them. You’ll find here some helpful gift ideas for women that will save you from going blank, or simply going wrong. It’s one thing if you’re gifting your best friend or partner, and its a totally different thing if you’re gifting a colleague or acquaintance. Not all gifts have to cost a fortune, but I believe that all deserve an effort. If you can’t put that effort in, avoid gifting all together.


If you choose to gift jewelry, go hi or … Read more...

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Ahed’s Look of the Day – Prints all the way!

Fresh, floral, and in the mood for a party! Those are the thoughts I had when I saw Ahed’s outfit when she was in Miami recently.

She wore a dress from Rickie Freeman for Teri jon Nites, Gucci Sandals & AاX Gold clutch. As for her accessories, Hermes Bracelets & Chanel earings were her key to mix and match!

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South France and Paris – Part 3

Since I plan to visit Paris in January 2011 during the Paris Fashion Week, I thought that I should post the last post of my series about my summer trip to South of France and Paris.

It’s highly agreed on that fashion was born in the French capital Paris. When thinking about the International brands in the Fashion world, its Dior and Chanel top the list and indeed they are carved in the French presence. I don’t exaggerate when I say that there’s a woman with an LV or an Hermes every 5 meters. Whether in a sunny Nice or … Read more...

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